Coronavirus: Death toll in China rises to 80, confirmed in 2,744 | Go to mutton, chicken, fish market, become alert! Corona virus thrives here rapidly. Go to mutton, chicken, fish market, become alert! Corona virus flourishes here fast


Beijing: The Health Administration of China announced on Monday that 2,744 cases of pneumatic pneumonia (Coronavirus) (2019-NCOV) have been confirmed in the country till Sunday night, in which 461 people are in critical condition. The death toll has increased to 80. According to the National Health Commission report, 769 new cases have been confirmed, 3,806 suspected cases have occurred and 24 people (all in Hubei) have died in the last 24 hours. According to the Xinhua news agency, by Sunday, the death toll has increased to 80, while 51 people have recovered and 5,794 people still remain suspected patients.

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The commission said that 32,799 people coming in contact with the victims of the virus have been monitored. According to him, 30,453 of them are undergoing medical inspection and 583 people were discharged on Sunday. Apart from this, eight cases have been confirmed in special administrative areas – Hong Kong, five in Macau and four in Taiwan.

Corona thrives in wet places
According to researchers, the Korana virus grows in wet places. Mutton, chicken, fish market are suitable places for this virus to flourish. Research has shown that Korana virus is easily found in mutton, chicken or fish market. In these places, these viruses come into contact with humans through meat and infect them. In the year 2003 too, outbreak of Korana virus has been seen. During that time it was also seen that this virus first infects chopped meat, then from there they take humans to their infection.

According to a Bloomberg report, a 61-year-old man who sold marine fish in the Hunan city fish market was the first to die of the virus infection. There are a lot of markets of meat and fish in China, so this disease is easily flourishing here. During the year 2002-04, the impact of this virus was seen in 29 SAARC countries, in which 774 people died.

Out of China, seven cases have been confirmed in Thailand, four each in Singapore and Australia, three each in Japan, Republic of Korea, US, Malaysia and France, two in Vietnam and one case of coronavirus in Nepal.

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