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Martell Holt's Mistress Has A Message For Melody Holt: Love & Marriage Huntsville – jj

Martell Holt's Mistress Has A Message For Melody Holt: Love & Marriage Huntsville

After the 2-part reunion in which Martell and Melody Holt tried to put on a united front for the world, his other woman has her own story to tell and it’s juicy!



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  1. It would be so great if Melody and Arionne could team up and beat Martell's ass. That would be great because he has proven that he is about himself and himself only. However, Melody and Martell wanted very badly to be on this show and Arionne was meant to be their storyline to get them on. Everybody played their part and everybody knew about everybody. It's when he called Arionne a peasant where things went left because everyone knew how he would go up to Arionne's job, take trips together and had matching cars. She was way more than some random. Chile…the tea on this one!!!!

  2. I don’t think Melody got pregnant on purpose. I think he was just fucking his wife and mistress. He enjoys the double life. Correct, Mel wasn’t gonna divorce him but I think it’s more about the money and companies.

  3. No she's powerful on her own. She receives awards and attends seminars in spite of him. That's what he was mad about. Acting like that's why he cheats. She didn't acknowledge him enough. So she can still hob knob WITHOUT MARTEL. Oh yeah you didn't watch from Episode 1, Season 1. You started at Season 2 and looked 1 up. You couldn't have watched.

  4. He doesn't love anybody. You are giving to much power to the other woman. Just because he is having sex with his regular side chick does not mean he loves her. Women that go after married men…bought the lie. The lie is…if you are to have the type of man that you want, then you must take him from another. Then they have the nerves to ask God to bless their mess.

  5. Melody smart as fuckk. She dissent give a shitt about being seen as a power couple. Her HUSBANDS infidelity is playing out on television, she got pregnant with his child of course she gone get pregnant so she can collect a bag when she makes her grand exit. She gone make it worth her while. If anything may turn ugly she has this show as receipts.

  6. I also think that they were separated wen the show started and had already moved on headed toward divorce but they came together as a power couple to film and that’s how the mistress got caught up BUT I also think she was irritated wen he called her a peasant on TV that’s wen she started speaking up.

  7. He doesn't love the other woman. He's continues to remain involved with her because she fills a need for him that he feels Melody is not filling. He even said it on the show that the reason he stepped out on his wife is because she wasn't fulfilling his needs. In his therapy session, the therapist exposed where he needs to feel validated because somewhere in his past he didn't get that need met and Melody herself said it was too much of a burden for her to meet that need 100% all the time. Martell is a narcissist who needs his ego fed constantly. Everything with him (with both women) is about getting his own needs met. Period.

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