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Volta Pra Casa – Looking the Lacking – jj

Volta Pra Casa – Looking the Lacking

Please SHARE. This can save lives. Volta Pra Casa is a collective project, in partnership with dozens of NGOs and people involved in this cause. Right now, hundreds of mothers and supporters are going live with this same video, looking for missing people. Our goal is to connect 10,000 mothers and find children in less than 48 hours.

The soap opera AMOR DE MÃE❤ speaks of the unconditional love of mothers for their children, and in real life, it starts every day, here. But with a difference. Every day the entire cast disappears and the next chapter in the lives of thousands of mothers depends on you. More than 100 people disappear every day in Brazil, half of them children and adolescents and half of them, will never return home. You, me, all of us, together, can change this story and make this novel have a happy ending.

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D’Or Group –
JCA Group – 1001 / Catarinense / Cometa –
HDI Seguros –

Mothers of the See, AMAR – Missing Children, Where Are You Victor, Missing Children from Brazil, GAFAD – Santa Catarina, Lucélia do Nascimento, Marcelo Bernardino, Morena Rios, Missing People in Manaus – Del. Mauro Duarte, Looking for Missing People, Rosângela Nunes, Sandro Andrade, Xanda Santos, Dah Araujo Assis, NAVV – Support Center for Victims of Violence, Jovita Belfort, Sonia Rimes, Soninha Francine, NGO Lara Rosa, PDPF – Missing or Wanted People.

Patati Patatá –
Millena Machado –

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