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350.org: As a result of the world must know – jj

350.org: As a result of the world must know

350 is the most important number in the world. It’s the safe line for our global climate and a start line for a global movement.
Visit http://350.org to join the movement (and invite your friends to our Facebook group! http://facebook.com/350.org)


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  1. So, for all of you who see NO SOLUTION I guess your answer is to DO NOTHING! WRONG! Smart and courageous people on the planet will DO WHAT THEY CAN, and the effort to bring change WILL GROW, regardless of those who throw their hands up in despair, or those who just don't care, or those who resist because they stand to lose money and power.

  2. i see your group complains and breaks laws to stop the use of fossil fuel. but instead of breaking laws to stop people. why not end the need for fossil fuels invent a new cleaner power source, or invest in people that can if you lack the skills to invent it yourself. invest in things like 3d printing for electric motors,wind generators,hydroponics, homes, and buildings.because if you 3d print a house or other buildings the need for wood is less and they could use bio plastics, metals,glass, and other safer more planet friendly materials. invest in using Coal to make capacitors using C6 to make things more energy efferent and lessen the need for batteries….instead you seem to waste your time, breaking laws and complaining, instead of trying to fix the problem…..there is a few ways you can fix the problems,since you seem to need some help figuring it out. for a Hint about stopping the use of fossil fuels "there are better forms of power and safer"…just ask if you want one…

  3. these guys are well meaning, but without presenting a clear way forward it's just feel good propaganda (sorry to say). also, since red meat industries present 60% of the problem and burning fossil fuels only 25% of the problem, perhaps they could ignore the canaries for now and talk about the elephant in the room ? i can't paste the article giving evidence for this, but google "national geographic/feeding 9 billion" and scroll down to step four.

  4. Good video, however, I don't see an in depth solution.
    Now, They're asking to divest from ALL fossil fuels, thus how will we make those computers, bikes, wind alternators and solar panels they show on the video. How about the extra food needed for human powered bikes? How will we stop China from dig'n more FFs. How about India and the rest of world? How?
    Cheaper than coal. What would intrinsically be cheaper than coal? Advanced nuclear such as molten salt reactors. Otherwise, we'll have to ditch all but NG, which could actually lower emissions quite drastically (along with efficiency), for the meantime. Meantime of what? Till solar and batteries get cheap enough to be used as a GLOBAL replacement for all FFs.
    It is unacceptable to allow environmentalists to block very large scale wind and solar projects. It is also unacceptable for environmentalist to deny advanced nuclear reactor designs for the meantime (till fusion).

  5. I'm completely in favor of this movement. Except… Why is there no mention – NONE – of safe, clean, non-CO2-emitting, non-fossil fuel NUCLEAR POWER? You would think it doesn't exist, watching 350.org propaganda. For the full picture, try watching on Netflix the movie documentary "Pandora's Promise". NOW ON YOUTUBE.

  6. Climate has always changed, and it always will. Where is the power going to come from when the Sun isn't out or the wind isn't blowing? People used green energy before they started burning fossil fuels. They switched to fossil fuels because green energy didn't provide enough energy. If green energy was capable of running world, it already would, and all the fossil fuels would've stayed in the ground.

  7. ONCE AGAIN. Climate Change wont destroy the world, it will not be a sudden cataclysmic event set once we reach a certain point. It will also not destroy the planet. The planet is fine. But it will be extremely difficult for us. It will change climate patterns, randomize weather, make life difficult for us, much more than for anything else. Life has lived through far worse situation. But us, on the other hand, we don't know how it will affect our ways of life.

  8. In smaller countries, like Croatia, where oil demand is low, and emission standards are poor, algae biofuel has the potential to significantly reduce reliance on foreign oil.
    CCRES ALGAE TEAM works on biodiesel from microalgae, fish food from microalgae, and protein for the food industry.

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