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Dalai Lama Suggestion for Coronavirus | 'If you wish to eliminate corona virus, chant the mantra' – jj

Dalai Lama Suggestion for Coronavirus | 'If you wish to eliminate corona virus, chant the mantra'


Hospice: The Tibetan religious leader Dalai Lama on Wednesday advised Chinese people to chant a mantra to prevent the spread of coronavirus. His office gave this advice on Wednesday. In fact, a group of Buddhists in China have sought advice from the Dalai Lama on ways to stop the spread of the corono virus.

In response to this, a post on the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) website said that he advised followers and Buddhist monasteries in China to chant the Tara Mantra as much as possible, preventing the spread of the corona virus-like epidemic Will help

The Dalai Lama also shared a voice clip of him reciting the Tara Mantra. In the context of the health crisis in China, CTA Minister for Religion and Culture Karma Gelek Yuthok expressed his condolences for those killed by the disease and wished the Chinese people and government to be able to control it quickly.

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132 people have died in China so far
In China, the number of deaths due to novel corona virus has increased to 132, while 5,974 cases have been confirmed in 31 provincial level areas. Chinese health officials gave this information on Wednesday. According to the news agency Xinhua, the National Health Commission said that the condition of 1,239 patients remains critical and till Tuesday, 9,239 people are suspected to be infected with the virus. A total of 103 people were discharged from the hospital after recovering.

On Tuesday, 1,459 new cases have been confirmed, while 3,248 new suspected cases have occurred and 26 deaths have occurred, including one in Tibet Autonomous Region. 25 people have died in Hubei province and one in Henan. A total of 65,537 close contacts have been detected. The commission said that 1,604 of them were discharged on Tuesday while 59,990 others are still under medical observation.

Meanwhile, eight cases have been confirmed in Hong Kong, while seven cases have been confirmed in Macau Special Administrative Region and eight in Taiwan.

(Input: Agency IANS)

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