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In PMC Financial institution Disaster, Administrators Of Agency Accused Of Mortgage Default Arrested – jj

In PMC Financial institution Disaster, Administrators Of Agency Accused Of Mortgage Default Arrested

Two directors of the real estate firm HDIL that set off the massive crisis at the Punjab Maharashtra Co-operative (PMC) Bank, following a loan default of Rs. 6500 …


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  1. अरे ओ बेइमानो पैसा मार लिया तेरे तो कीड़े भी नही पडेगे ।. तुमसे अच्छे तो चम्बल के डाकू थै तो छिप जाते थे।. ये बदमाश तो खुलेघूम रहे हैं।. आतंक वादियों से भी बदतर है।. इनकी क्या गति होगी।

  2. आरबीआय बैंक गई भोक मे हमे कुछ नहीं सुनना आपने हमारा पैसा जमा कीया आप लौटाओ अभी के अभी

  3. 15 lac to aaye nahi no problem that was jumla but why hard earned white money is looted under the nose of RBI its time to bypass the Indian currency system…we need peer to peer currency no centralised control at least we will have peace of mind…at least we know what is the use of legal system and their flaws….who are they to limit us to take our hard earned money….

  4. Economic is going to collapse, I withdraw all my money from 3 different banks and I brought dollars from all my savings so I don't care if rupee fall my savings will increase in the future, cuz every business is in danger now and even property prices are decreasing so property and property is not good for investment now

  5. desh ki halat abb ye hai ki. Jo kaam Pakistan etne saalo se nahi kar saka woh kaam Modi ne 4 saal mai kar dia. Kaam desh ke logo ko barbaad karne ka. Kabhi kabhi mai sonchta hu ki modi indian hai ya pakastani

  6. इन हरामखोर वाधवान लोगों को बेल नहीं मिलनी चाहिए जब तक पूरा पैसा वसूल ना हो जाए तब तक छोड़ना भी नहीं चाहिए इनको पुलिस कस्टडी में डाल कर रखो पूरा पैसा वसूल किए बगैर छोड़ो मत हरामखोर हरामखोर जितना भी नकली नकली खाता बनाकर लौटे हैं उन सब को पकड़ कर अंदर डाल दो छोड़ो मत एक को भी सबको पकड़कर अंडा सेल में डालो डालो छोड़ना नही किसीको भी वरना बीजेपी सरकार गिर जाएगी

  7. Banks lend loans to big companies on two conditions.
    1) Invest, earn huge money and keep to themselves
    2) If not possible to repay we will recover it from poor common people.

    Banks officials also be held and their personal property also need to be seized. Why always common poor people suffer??

  8. The biggest scam was Demonitation……SC, ED, IT, SIT have guts to make case against culprits, nothing will happen only common man will suffer bcoz he is honest and hardworking……..But when common man curse anybody from bottom of his heart u will see……For example see Lal Krishna Advani

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