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Corporations acquired by SCM Insurance coverage to be rebranded as ClaimsPro – jj

Corporations acquired by SCM Insurance coverage to be rebranded as ClaimsPro


Companies acquired by SCM Insurance to be rebranded as ClaimsPro

SCM Insurance Services, an insurance and risk management services provider serving North America, has announced that two companies it acquired in the past will undergo a rebrand.

The two companies, Nixon & Company and Allmark Services, will be rebranded as ClaimsPro. ClaimsPro is a prominent provider of independent adjusting services in Canada, and is one of the firms under the SCM Insurance Services Group of Companies. In the US, ClaimsPro offers local field support through 11 branch locations.

A release noted that by rebranding its operations, ClaimsPro will offer clients with broader geographic coverage and streamlined claims services on either side of the border.

“This is a great opportunity for our clients, and we are proud to operate under this new brand identity,” commented ClaimsPro vice-president of filed adjusting Mark Nixon. “We are pleased to offer services in the United States to complement operations in Canada.”

“We’re operating throughout North America as ClaimsPro because our clients have asked for it,” added SCM Insurance Services SVP of US operations Dustin Volk.

Volk also noted that by offering services under the trusted ClaimsPro brand, the company can truly provide “an integrated North American solution.”

Although the two US teams will rebrand as ClaimsPro, their operations, reporting structure, client relationships, and all other business will remain the same as it did prior to the name change, a release said.

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