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iPad Professional will characteristic a brand new keyboard, report suggests – jj

iPad Professional will characteristic a brand new keyboard, report suggests


The iPad Pro is the best incarnation of the tablet. A report from DigiTimes and as reported by Forbes, the iPad Pro experience will only get better from here on. The reports suggests that the next generation model of the iPad Pro will feature a new keyboard matching the quality of a laptop keyboard.

The next iPad Pro is expected to be unveiled as early as March of 2020. Apple usually holds events in the month of March to introduce iPads, MacBooks (sometimes), Apple Watch and last year, the March event introduced the world to Apple’s vision for its services. It is very likely that Apple will launch the next version of the iPad Pro at the 2020 March “Apple Special Event”.

The current generation iPad Pro supports the use of Apple Keyboard, however the quality of the keyboard and the amount of travel the keyboard offers is no match to the keyboard found on the Magic Keyboard. Apple recently released the 16” MacBook Pro with a proper scissor switch keyboard which offers a decent amount of travel and is very less prone to failures in the future.

The MacBooks had suffered from multiple issues due to the thin profile “butterfly” keyboard Apple had released in 2015. The company had begun to focus on the thinness and the profile of the laptop while forgetting about the functionality. After a huge uproar from the Mac community and tech reviewers voicing their concern, Apple finally agreed that the “butterfly” keyboard was a mistake.

It appears as if Apple is currently working on bringing the new scissor switch “Magic Keyboard” to all its MacBooks. In the process, the company is very likely also bringing some aspects of the keyboard to the iPad as well.

What other new features do you think the 2020 iPad Pro will pack?

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