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Kapoorthala coach factory prepare a smart Parcel van, know all about it | Kamal of Indian Railways, country's first smart parcel van ready; Know what is its specialty – jj

Kapoorthala coach factory prepare a smart Parcel van, know all about it | Kamal of Indian Railways, country's first smart parcel van ready; Know what is its specialty


new Delhi: Indian Railways has prepared the country's first smart high capacity parcel van. This parcel has been built in Van Kapurthala Rail Coach Factory. Now trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi will also be able to rapidly transport parcels across the country through smart parcel van racks.

LHB parcel rakes have been prepared like LHB passenger coaches. Stainless steel has been used inside the coach so that any type of parcel is safe and safe and does not cause any damage during transport.

This parcel rake has been built like a passenger coach. That is, the space available in the LHB passenger coach will be more than that in this smart parcel rake. The smart parcel rake has been equipped with state of art design with RFID i.e. radio frequency identification tag so that the rake can be easily tracked to where it is at that time i.e. if anyone's parcel is going, then the railway is now It will be easy to tell at which place the perticular parcel has reached or where it has stood.

According to the engineers of Kapurthala Rail Coach Factory, smart parcel rake will bring a big advantage in the commerce industry. Its specialty is that it has been prepared in such a way that it can be added to those trains which are the fastest running trains in the country, like Rajdhani Shatabdi or Gatimaan.

Normally, the traditional parcel rakes can be put in a perticular train only. They do not have the ability to run at the same speed as Rajdhani Shatabdi. So now the railways will have a big advantage, not only to the railways, but the parcels of the people whose parcels go, will reach the country from one city to another in time.

The benefit to the Railways will be that its high capacity parcel rack is ready, which will now have a capacity of 24 tons of parcels. The parcels that were previously traditional were racks. It was 23 tons, so not only its capacity is high, but also by making many changes in its design, it has been designed in such a way that whatever is the parcel's item, it reaches the destination in the same condition.

For this, the entire interior has been changed. According to Rail Coach Factory Engineer Nitin Chaudhary, this first parcel rack from Kapurthala Rail Coach Factory has just been ready and given the feature and its advantages, now similar smart parcel racks will be installed in the railways.

Kapurthala Rail Coach Factory is going to produce it on a large scale in the coming days. According to Nitin Chaudhary, the new smart parcel will recover its cost in a year's time. A smart parcel rack is currently costing one crore 74 lakhs. Members of Railway Board and General Manager of Kapurthala Rail Coach Factory today inspected this first parcel rack and approved to carry it forward.

Talking about its second feature, a foldable two-tier luggage rack has been made by looking at the smart parcel. Sliding doors have been installed, dummy sockets have been used to prevent accidental fire in any way. Sliding main doors are installed on both sides so that rapid loading unloading of the parcel will be done easily.

The focus of railways is becoming more on the income generated by freight, because the loss-making railway plan is more than which freight can be earned. Hence Dedicated Freight Corridors are also being constructed across the country for this reason and now the same high capacity parcel bans are being banned for the movement of more parcels. This means that in the coming days, at least the commerce industry will get a big benefit from this and due to the increased transportation of parcels, the Railways hope that its profit will also increase and its dependence will be reduced on the revenue from passenger fares.

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