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MARRIAGE ADVICE | Save Your Marriage in 5 Minutes a Day with Jimmy Evans – jj

MARRIAGE ADVICE | Save Your Marriage in 5 Minutes a Day with Jimmy Evans

The Best Marriage Advice for Men and Women: How to Save Your Marriage: Jimmy Evans explains the one thing you can do, right now, in order to save a …



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  6. It is as big of a deal as relationships. The end of a marriage only seems like a big deal until you think about how somewhere a star is exploding and sterilizing hundreds of planets nearby, then it seems pretty trivial too.

  7. Wow, this is based from a woman's standpoint…not once in this two minute add did he say anything about guys or anything like I'd hate to be working a fourteen hour shift in the sun, stressed making money to put food on the table and then come home completely whipped from a long days work.
    But I guess that's his selling point

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