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Ohio pediatric surgeon attracts custom-made cartoon bandages for his sufferers – jj

Ohio pediatric surgeon attracts custom-made cartoon bandages for his sufferers


A pediatric surgeon from Ohio doesn’t just save lives, but he also is bringing smiles by drawing custom-made cartoon bandages for kids to put over their surgery scars.

CNN reports Dr. Robert Parry works at Akron Children’s Hospital and is a self-taught artist. The most common requests he gets are for Disney characters and sports team logos, he said. They take about five minutes.

“It’s been a pretty special thing, for everyone. It’s fun for me to do, the parents and the children really enjoy it and even the whole medical staff likes to get in on it,” Parry told CNN. His creations have included Olaf and Elsa from “Frozen,” Eeyore, Stewie Griffin from “Family Guy,” Minnie Mouse, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman, Spongebob Squarepants and a minion from “Despicable Me.”

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Parry said in a video for the hospital that he’ll break out his box of pens and start drawing as the surgery is being wrapped up and he’s no longer needed.

One of his more elaborate requests was a rose garden in 2014 for a girl named Rose.

“We were really moved by it. The rose garden was symbolic of our larger experience with Dr. Parry and the hospital overall, taking the extra step to do those small, little gestures. It shows how much they care and really lifted our spirits,” Samantha Manning, Rose’s mom, told CNN.

The hospital featured Dr. Parry’s creations in its top 10 moments of the past decade. In a 2017 profile, the hospital said he’s also known for having an easy way with parents and children, speaking with a low, mellow voice and reassuring demeanor.

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