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One particular person held 20 youngsters hostage in Farrukhabad, commandos go away – jj

One particular person held 20 youngsters hostage in Farrukhabad, commandos go away


Accused Subhash Batham

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Accused Subhash Batham, who has imprisoned the children.

In Mohammadabad town of Farrukhabad district of Uttar Pradesh, a person took 20 children hostage in his house on Thursday afternoon.

The children are still in possession of that person and that person is constantly demanding to call the MLA and the officials. During this time, the sounds of firing and bombs have also been heard from behind the door.

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Inspector General of Police of Kanpur Zone Mohit Aggarwal told the BBC, "Local officials have reached the spot. ATS commandos have been called to free the hostage children. Currently the motive for hostage is not understood because the hostage The person has not made any demand. "

It is being told that a wall of the house also fell due to the bomb blast, due to which debris hit two policemen. The house in Karsia village of Mohammadabad tehsil, where the children are kept hostage, belongs to Subhash Batham who according to the police, is a criminal of vicious nature and has been jailed many times. He is also facing trial for murder.

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According to the locals, on Thursday afternoon, Subhash Batham invited the children of the village to his home feast on the pretext of his daughter's birthday. All the children reached his house around 3 pm. Subhash Batham then locked the main door of the house from inside.

At around 4.30 pm, when a woman arrived to take her child, she came to know that the children were in the possession of Subhash Batham. The woman only informed the police.

Farrukhabad Superintendent of Police Dr Anil Kumar Mishra said, "Subhash Batham is a vicious criminal and he has taken the children of the village hostage inside the house. An attempt is being made to free the children from his clutches. To convince Subhash Efforts are being made not to harm children in any way. Our first attempt is to get the children out safely. "

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Sameer / BBC

It is being told that as soon as the police reached the occasion, Subhash Batham started firing and some indigenous bombs were also fired. A person named Anupam Dubey from the village told the media that when he went towards her house to talk to Subhash, he also shot them which hit his leg.

IG range Mohit Aggarwal said that many police officers have reached there and are trying to ensure the safe release of children. There is a lot of fear among the families of the children and people in the village are quite scared. After knowing about the incident, the top police officer has also left for the occasion.

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