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Preaching on 24Jan2020. – jj

Preaching on 24Jan2020.

The person who seeks security in the Most High God and takes shelter in the protective shadow of the Almighty can say to him: “O Lord God, you are my defender and my protector. You are my God; I trust you. ”God will deliver you from hidden dangers and deadly diseases. He will cover you with his wings, and under them you will be safe. God's faithfulness will protect you like a shield. You will not be afraid of the dangers of the night or of robberies during the day. You will not be afraid of the plague that spreads in the dark or the evils that kill at noon. Even though a thousand people are killed by your side, and ten thousand around you, you will suffer nothing. You will look and see how the bad guys are punished. You have made the Lord God your protector and the Most High your defender; therefore, no disaster will happen to you, and violence will not come near your home. God will send his angels to look after you to protect you wherever you go. They will hold you with your hands, so that not even your feet are hurt on the stones. With your feet you will crush lions and snakes, fierce lions and poisonous snakes. God says: “I will save those who love me and protect those who recognize that I am God, the Lord. When they call me, I will answer and be with them in times of distress. I will deliver them and make them respected. As a reward, I will give you a long life and show you that I am your Savior. ”
Psalm 91: 1-16 NLT


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