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1980 Belmont Stakes – jj

1980 Belmont Stakes

Genuine Risk, Temperance Hill, Codex and others battle it out.


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  1. You don't see many colts even run in all TC races anymore let alone do well in all and this filly accelerated like a colt. She gave those bigger and fresher horses hell down the stretch even while finishing 2nd in this race and the Preakness. To me she is the female version of Secretariat with that explosive move.

  2. Hi, remember I described to you a few mos ago what Cordero did to her in the Pkness. But I had not idea he actually would openly tell people such as GR1 (assume a woman) that he intended to move out fm rail on her, hit her and make her slow up. Vasques said Cordero hit her w/his whip, she had a welt over one eye and it wasn't fm clods of dirt. I'm stunned that he wld be so brazely frank about his intentions. I'm livid.

  3. Go to the 1980 Preakness and see what GenuineRisk1 says about Cordero. He referred to GR as "the bitch" if that's not deep seated misogyny, Jesus Christ. It hurts so much deep down inside. For him a female/woman inferior creature was challenging him, and he DID hurt her. He admits it the bastard.

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