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Arduino Professional IDE v0.0.4-alpha now accessible – jj

Arduino Professional IDE v0.0.4-alpha now accessible


Arduino Pro IDE

The Arduino development team have today announced the availability of the Arduino Pro IDE v0.0.4-alpha making it available for windows, Mac OS and Linux. The source code is now available to download from the official Arduino GitHub repositorie. The Arduino Pro IDE is being developed to provide Arduino users with a simple, modern web app version of the Arduino IDE, with boards and libraries available without needing an install.

“In the creation of the new Arduino Pro IDE, we chose to build on the Theia framework. As Theia is based on Electron, using web technologies, it allows us to unify the front-end development work and user experience between the web-based Arduino Create and the Arduino Pro IDE desktop application. Magic!

The simplicity of the classic Arduino IDE has made it one of the most popular in the world — with over 15 millions downloads per year. If you want to develop code for Arduino and prefer not to use the online tool Arduino Create you can get started today by downloading the classic Arduino IDE application. ”

Highlights of the latest Arduino Pro IDE v0.0.4-alpha release include :

– Automatic Arduino language server (LS) recovery. From now on, if the LS process terminates, it restarts automatically.
– Updated the bundled Clang version to 9.0.0. Bundled Clangd into the application for all supported platforms.
– Better keybinding support for the upload, verify, and the serial monitor.

Features of the Arduino Pro IDE :

– Dual Mode; Classic Arduino look and Pro (File System view)
– The tool only reveals advanced features when you need them
– Modern fully featured development environment
– Modern look, multi-panel IDE with integrated file system view
– Designed for developing larger, multi-file, repository-based projects
– Debugger
– Set breakpoints, view trace, step through execution and much more
– Debug your application without affecting timing with a Serial.print()
– Open to third party plug-ins and boards coming soon!
– Add third party boards, libraries and IDE function plug-ins
– Support for additional languages other than C++ coming soon!
– Exactly what it says, and it’s going to be exciting!
– New Board Manager, Library Manager and Serial Monitor
– All the features you expect in a cleaner more modern environment
– Basic Auto Completion (Arm targets only)
– Git Integration
– Dark Mode
– Easier on the eyes

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