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Detroit man sues financial institution for not taking checks – jj

Detroit man sues financial institution for not taking checks

A black Air Force veteran who tried to deposit settlement checks from a discrimination lawsuit was rejected by his suburban Detroit bank, which suspected fraud and called police (Jan. 23)

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  1. What's weird is the other report on Google says that the Branch manager was also black and race was not an issue. Yet they keep posting his pic with this white woman. Who knows what the truth is. In any case the poor guy must have been very humiliated. Ironic that his checks were from a discrimination lawsuit against his former employer .

  2. I Pray he wins this lawsuit as well. The Manager had the opportunity to verify his checks by calling the company if their system was down. Or here’s a tip give him his check back & refuse to deposit it so he could’ve done what he did…. deposit at another bank. Calling the cops on him for banking while black. This was your test my Brother & you handled it calmly & peaceful.

  3. white people discriminated against a guy who won a discrimination lawsuit…which only makes it easier to prove racial discrimination in the next law suit white people at another bank will deny his second check, which will only lead to a third check from another lawsuit to deposit. racism is expensive but white people dont care. …..reminds me of when the black guy purchased a belt in barneys with a credit card white cops were on him like blood in the water. his lawyer had harpoons…………..now he should just buy an expensive new car and obey all traffic laws, white cops wont be able to resist the bait.

  4. Yeah, I'm sure a bank employee is just doing their own thing, and not following rules and regulations. Also the fact that he just finished a discrimination lawsuit and now is starting another, is a sign of this man's motives mixing very nicely in today's overly politically correct culture. This guy is a leech, and is doing favors for only himself, not for other black people.

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