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Household Legislation – Hindu Marriage Half 1 – jj

Household Legislation – Hindu Marriage Half 1

Paralegal Volunteer Training Programme (21st Sep to 5th Oct 2015) Session I – 21st Sep 2015 Subject – Family Law Speaker – Ms. Samreen Hussain Course: …



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  1. My wife do not want to stay with my mom, my father is not there in this world. So i can not leave my mom alone. Because of this reason plus some other reason it became very difficult for me to close my eye purposely and i decided to divorce my wife. Now from last 4 years i am fighting to get divorce but she is refusing to do so, not because she loves me. Because she wanted me to suffer all these. My life has become hell. Now my question is that if i become muslim while this case is going, will it hurt me or no. What is the way. Now i came to know why Islam allows more than one wife with conditions.

  2. Saptpadi gamnam is not the seven pheras rather it is taking seven steps in the north east direction from the nuptial fire. "sapt" means seven and "padi" is for steps. From where did the pheras come?
    Though Saptpadi might be seven pheras as per bollywood… (y)

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