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From cinema to sports, why do stars like politics – jj

From cinema to sports, why do stars like politics


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The combination of politics and stars is not new. These stars range from Bollywood celebrities to sportspersons.

Recently, badminton player Saina Nehwal has joined the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Delhi elections are also close and Saina is a famous player. However, Saina is not contesting these elections.

Similarly, in last year's Haryana assembly elections, wrestling player Babita Phogat from Dadri and Yogeshwar Dutt from Baroda contested from BJP. However, both suffered defeat. At the same time, hockey player Sandeep Singh won on a BJP ticket.

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Actress Urmila Matondkar joined the Congress in Mumbai but she could not win. He left the party after the election.

The list of these names is very long, which includes the names of stars like actors Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan, Hema Malini, Dharmendra, Vinod Khanna and Govinda. Some of them went on showing their glimpses in politics and some took it forever.

But, despite having already earned both name and money in their profession, why do these celebrities step into politics and why some of them suddenly disappear from the screen.

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What are the reasons

Rashid Kidwai, who wrote the book 'Leader Actor' about celebrities' footsteps in politics, says that a big reason for this is the desire to remain in public life.

Rashid Kidwai says, "All citizens have the right to enter politics, so some celebrities also use this right. There are some people who have inclination towards any party, so they come into politics.

"There is also a big reason that the public life and the glare of the celebrity does not last long." When that glare begins to subside, then celebrities take steps in politics to maintain it. This opens a different door for them.

"If they are coming to campaign even for a short time, then they expect some benefit from the government or party indirectly. Sometimes it is a very commercial decision. They feel that it can benefit some or increase popularity.

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At the same time, political analyst Neerja Chaudhary says that political parties have access to these celebrities. For example, among the members who are nominated in the Rajya Sabha, the party brings the celebrity according to itself. By becoming MP, the celebrity also gets a new position and the opportunity to be in the discussion.

But, says Boxer Vijender Singh, who contested from South Delhi for the Congress in the Lok Sabha elections last year, "He had set footsteps in politics to do a better job for the society and the people." You will not be able to do much without coming into the system because everything goes through there and will continue to work for the party even further. ''

Vijender Singh is also campaigning for the Congress in Delhi elections.

At the same time, Yogeshwar Dutt says that there are many more problems in his village than water and when people used to ask for help from him, they could not do much while being a sportsman. So he stepped into politics. He says that even today, he is working among people.

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Boxer and Congress leader Vijender Singh

Why Missing Become celebrity

There have been many such big celebrities who appeared for some time in politics and then returned to their profession.

Like Amitabh Bachchan tried his hand in politics in the 1980s. He contested the Lok Sabha elections from Allahabad and recorded a historic victory by defeating former UP Chief Minister HN Bahuguna. But, he got away from politics after his name in controversies.

Similarly, Govinda became MP in 2004 by winning the Lok Sabha elections from Mumbai on a Congress ticket but his tenure was surrounded in controversies. After that he too moved away from politics. Dharmendra, who contested the parliamentary elections from Bikaner in Rajasthan, also had a similar situation.

Urmila Matondkar, who recently joined the Congress, also broke away from the party after the election.

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Regarding this, Rashid Kidwai says, "There is a lot of difference between the life of political life and sports-cinema. In sports and cinema, you perform in your area of ​​expertise and you also get support and love of the whole country or the world. However, things are very different in politics. There are disputes here which many times even celebrities do not know. Also, the support team they get is according to the special. This is a big challenge for any player or artist. Gautam Gambhir is the latest example in this.

Rashid Kidwai says that even after losing many times, even if his importance does not remain in the party as much as before, he gradually moves away from it. However, some celebrities are constantly engaged in party meetings, election campaigns and other activities.

He told that there is no definite reason for this. People who had an understanding and hold in politics and they came to do some work, they got their feet in politics.

South India is full of such examples and in North India celebrities like Raj Babbar, Jaya Bachchan, Smriti Irani, Hema Malini, Shatrughan Sinha, Kirti Azad and Navjot Singh Sidhu have made their mark in politics and they are active even today.

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Why south india is different

The way the actors came into active politics in South India and made it from party to government is not found in North India.

Politics was the main identity of South Indian actors.

In Tamil Nadu, Karunanidhi stepped into politics with the Dravidian movement. He became involved with the film world while being part of the DMK. Karunanidhi's popularity in the party increased among the people in such a way that he was the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu five times.

Similarly, former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MG Ramachandran also entered politics through the film world and joined the DMK. She later formed the AIADMK and then emerged strong leaders like Jayalalithaa from this party. Jayalalithaa too had stepped into politics with films. His identity and work in politics took him to the post of Chief Minister.

For now, Kamal Haasan has formed his own political party and Rajinikanth has also been associated with politics.

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In Andhra Pradesh, former Chief Minister NT Rama Rao has been an actor and filmmaker, actor Chiranjeevi also formed his own party and then joined Congress. His brother Pawan Kalyan has also formed his own party.

The popularity of all these leaders in politics is not less than any North Indian leader.

Rashid Kidwai considers the social situation of South India as a big reason behind this.

He says, "Actors also came into politics from there movements. He has fought a long battle against caste discrimination and poverty. Just as he appeared in films like a hero, he tried to do it in politics too. So people appreciated him and pushed him forward. He has given a lot of hard work and time in politics.

"How long anyone can stay in politics depends on the person's own thinking, background and interest in politics." Not everyone is political and this is often known when we enter politics. The one who has political thinking gets his color from any region. ''

Neerja Chaudhary says that political parties also do not look at celebrities for publicity purposes only. The only reason to bring them is to gather a crowd and then keep the party's talk in front of that crowd. Therefore, the party does not pay much attention to them after the elections are over.

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Influence on people

Neerja Chaudhary says that the magic of celebrity can only happen when the party is strong.

She says that as with the Congress in the Lok Sabha elections, if the party is weak then the celebrity cannot win on its own. People will listen to them but they will not vote. There is excitement about them, but now people are also thinking that how much time they will be able to give them by leaving films and games.

Yes, if the celebrity shows a commitment, then slowly people start to trust him. He gets the benefit of his hero or heroine's image in the film. Some artists have been winning because of this expectation of the people, but when the hopes of the people are broken, they have shown the way out of politics.

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