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Hotshot Trucking: How I obtained Business Insurance coverage!!! – jj

Hotshot Trucking: How I obtained Business Insurance coverage!!!

Sharing our experience! Discussing all things commercial insurance and all parties involved; Factoring company and Insurance agent



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  1. Just watched your videos, high five to TP for giving the recommendation. Congratulations and blessings for you and your husband’s ventures. So many changes in the industry since my husband and I branched out on our own in 2011. Your presentation is very professional with good information, very enjoyable to listen to and watch.

    I have a carrier packet that I attach to each broker packet (a topic for your future video 😁). Since I’m in the truck I have them in pdf format so I can insert that broker’s information onto the needed document. With Progressive I have the ability to log on and produce a COI that’s faxed or emailed to the broker right away. Check to see if you are able to do so with your insurance company then you won’t need to wait on an agent. With the fast pace and need for expedience in this industry we don’t need any more anxiety waiting on someone to respond so we can seal the deal on a load.

    God bless!

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