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Homicide Accused Hostage 20 Youngsters In UP | UP: Homicide accused launched on bail, 20 youngsters held hostage of their home – jj

Homicide Accused Hostage 20 Youngsters In UP | UP: Homicide accused launched on bail, 20 youngsters held hostage of their home


Farrukhabad: A headstrong man has taken hostage to some women with around 20 children in Karthia village in Mohammadabad area of ​​Uttar Pradesh's Farrukhabad district. The name of the accused is Subhash Batham, who is also accused of killing a village man in 2001. It is being said that he has taken the children hostage due to enmity with neighbors. He is currently out on bail in the murder case. Local people said that about four months ago, the SWAT team caught him in a case of theft, since then he has enmity with the people of the area. He says that it was the people of the locality who got him arrested.

Birthday party
Actually, this person called the nearby children and other people to his house on the pretext of birthday and after a while locked everyone in a room together. Along with local Superintendent of Police Anil Kumar Mishra, all senior officers and policemen have reached the spot and are trying to evacuate the children and women. According to media reports, a 10-month-old newborn was resumed around midnight.

Farrukhabad: Sirfire holds some women hostage with 20 children

During this time, the head man has also fired on the police. So far, however, it has not been known what is the intention behind this person to hold children and women hostage like this. The Uttar Pradesh Police is constantly eyeing the house where children and women have been taken hostage. Police is making efforts to evacuate them without any risk.

It is being told that this mad person is intoxicated and has taken some women hostage along with about 20 children. It is also reported that the villagers tried to rescue these people, but that madman threatened the villagers and drove them away, after which the villagers informed the police. Sirfir shot a villager who had rescued the children, after which the injured man was taken to the hospital for treatment.

The police have not been able to get the children out of there safe yet. In a short period of time, this person is firing on the police team from the room. In such a situation, the ATS commando squad has left for Farurkhabad to rescue the children.

When some locals tried to open the door, he started firing from inside, injuring one person. Batham also threw a small bomb from the window. People say he shouted that he was falsely implicated in a criminal case.

Director General of Uttar Pradesh Police (DGP) O.P. Singh told reporters that the police is working with caution to ensure the safety of children locked inside. He said, "A special team of trained personnel is on the scene and we have put the NSG commandos on standby. Our priority is to ensure the safety of the children and get them out as soon as possible. This is a difficult situation and all senior police officers are on the spot." We want to save the children without any damage. Local MLA Nagendra Singh is also trying to talk to the man. "

The police have also called relatives of Batham and local leaders of the village. A large crowd has gathered on the spot, which mainly consists of parents of hostage children.
Tension prevailed in the area and heavy deployment of army has been done in the village.

Taking cognizance of this whole matter, Yogi also called an emergency meeting. In this regard, ADG Law and Order PV Ramashastri said that children have been taken hostage in a house. Assistance has been sought from ATS and NSG. The entire state machinery is looking into this matter and a solution will come out soon.

(Input: Agency with IANS)

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