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Pool wheelchair HIPPOCAMPE of VIPAMAT – jj

Pool wheelchair HIPPOCAMPE of VIPAMAT

With the pool wheelchair Hippocampe, it’s easy to go on water and swim.
Le fauteuil roulant de piscine Hippocampe, un fauteuil facile pour aller se baigner en piscine


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  1. pool regulations need to change there's little kids that go out and play in the dirt and stuff and then jump in these polls but the handicapped child can't take the wheelchair in the pool and they most likely haven't been playing in the dirt

  2. I use a chair and am a good swimmer, I don't see this wheelchair as being very practical unless it is owned by the facility. Otherwise how could a person who actually needs a chair manage to wheel into the gym with both their day to day chair and that. Also, someone else made a point that there is no knee support. The young woman demonstrating it, is clearing able bodied and even her legs were flopping a bit. There are much better ways to make pools accessible and useable for all levels of ability. This pool would be hugely expensive to build AND require a special chair to boot. Why not either have side ramps to transfer from chair to pool or decent lifts that are useable by people who have some arm and upper body strength. Nice try, but a fail. Plus there are already floating beach wheelchairs, and they can get around in sand.

  3. I just discovered here in America, there are only 3 gyms for people with disabilities, my state being the most recent built, meanwhile there are over 55 million people with disabilities throughout the country a significant amount who are employeed, I am grateful just a bit confused on what I am learning….we have rehabs with high cost, I would like to know what country was this video made in ?

  4. I am planning to go swimming for the first time in 19 years soon, I am also in a wheelchair, I can only hope the new center for people with disibilities has a ramp, and chair like displayed in the video…Be Blessed

  5. Woah, a swimming pool with a ramp? I want to go there! (Psst, I'm in a wheelchair too) It would be so much easier to get in! Dang I just don't know where it is. Well, they're speaking in another language anyway so it's probably in another country. And nice touch with the heavy metal music!

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