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Secure Harbor – Contemporary Cloud – jj

Secure Harbor – Contemporary Cloud

Who can shine in the dark?
Who can heal my wound?
Although the forces are no longer, I feel that …

I can caress your hands,
when I need you you are always …
Cool cloud that will cover me
the Sublime reason of my being.

M will accompany you when nobody is
you will shelter me at dusk
when the forces are no longer
I feel that in the end …
I can understand the reality that pain
It won't be there if you're with me …


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  1. Hace tiempo que no publico nada…
    Disculpen al no dedicar mucho tiempo… En realidad me gustaría colgar más videos…
    Tengo todo el "Am i pretty?" de SKYPARK..
    Solo que YouTube.Inc me restringe los temas…
    En serio yo soy de colgar discos completos… Tengo ahí un par en español de mi banda favorita Ethnos y Vox Dei… Lo haré pronto

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