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Brief vendor Spruce Level targets Canadian Tire, argues shares may very well be minimize in half – jj

Brief vendor Spruce Level targets Canadian Tire, argues shares may very well be minimize in half

Short seller Spruce Point Capital Management has Canadian Tire in its sights, arguing shares could fall as much as 50 per cent. For more on this, BNN …


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  1. their debt is 4 billion not 11 lol what is he talking about? and if its not competitive why aren't sales down in their retailer segments like mark warehouse? and if they are struggling in the retail environment how did they create such a success with Helly Hansen adding 300+ mill y/y? lol he also is not talking about how they spun off a reit which has successfully increased operating margins. i am not a shareholder but i find it funny how cheap Canadian tire is, you need a better reason to short a 15 pe stock. i bet hes another short seller that underperforms the market and makes money once a decade lol

  2. Canadian Tire is being set up for yet another Made in Exceptional America of Israel Vulture Capitalist Take Over. God forbid a retailer outside the Western Hegemonic Order Plutocratic Governance be allowed to prosper and compete in an open market place. Pauvre petit peuple ignorant.

  3. Increased Shareholder dividend payouts in 5 of the last 6 quarters could be alarming, especially when evaluating against Canadian Tires current debt. Alarming balance sheets is also an area of concern, but there are big national union investors in Canadian Tire amongst other key investors. I wonder if this has ramifications or backlash on some recent events,, here in Quebec there has been some backlash shown towards Lowes through their sudden reduction of Rona stores in this province. Lowes is reformatting their designing methodology in Canada and shutting down more retail outlets; potentially to compete with the online market. Yet, they were never considered as strong of competitors as Canadian Tire. Their clients are all loyal members who do not shop in the world of online transactions. Their brand strategy and market demograph consists of the most loyal consumer. Hardware franchises are limited in Canada and they don't have much strong competition. Still interesting to hear, could be a shift coming. You know there is still strong value and client satisfaction in retail shopping. There is a point where excessive convenience can become a logistical nightmare.

  4. I recently wanted to buy an alarm clock. Wanted to buy just a straight, easy to use alarm clock. I went to store after store – no alarm clocks for sale. But then I thought of Canadian Tire. Yes indeed a perfect alarm clock and quite cheap too. If I have a car that's a few years old where would I take it? Canadian Tire, etc., etc. It will be interesting to see who wins in this "battle", the "sophisticated" short sellers or the naive Canadian Tire who know something about Canadian consumers. The short sellers will of course present the most negative story possible as they want to make money.

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