Sitapur: On account of dashing, the automobile collided with the wall, three folks died. uttar pradesh sitapur highway accident three folks died and three injured



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Updated: Friday, January 31, 2020, 12:03 (IST)

Sitapur High speed havoc was witnessed in Sitapur district of Uttar Pradesh. A horrific road accident occurred on Biswa Marg Nyampur in Kotwali Laharpur in the district, in which three people were killed while three people were seriously injured in the car with a two-year-old girl carrying a total of seven people. Seriously all three injured have been admitted to the hospital. This horrific accident is near Nirmal Verma former MLA house in Nyampur, Laharpur. The high speed car hit a wall.

uttar pradesh sitapur road accident three people died and three injured

There were 7 people in the car. All the Baratis were going back home to Jahangirabad by marriage. Meanwhile, the car rammed into the wall uncontrollably and flew away. So far, three people have died in this accident. In which Tanveer died at the scene of the incident and the other Tausif died while going to Sitapur Hospital. At the same time, Arif died while going to Lucknow and an injured Anil with fractured legs, who is undergoing treatment at Sitapur District Hospital.

uttar pradesh sitapur road accident three people died and three injured

The driver escaped from the scene after the car collided. Everyone, except the driver, had gone to the Sitapur procession. After having dinner Barati was going to his residence Jahangirabad. Due to the speed of the said car, the car went uncontrollably and hit a huge wall near the road, on whose loud voice the former MLA came out of his house and tried to evacuate the people trapped in the car and kept the ambulance Called the incident

At the same time, the injured Santosh Prajapati called and informed the people who went to the procession. On receiving the information, the people who went to the procession arrived at the scene with carts and those trapped in the said vehicle were sent to the district hospital, where one died on the spot and the other died on the way to the hospital. And the third person died while going to Lucknow Trauma Center.

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