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2014 Belmont Stakes LIVE – Tonalist Beats California Chrome – jj

2014 Belmont Stakes LIVE – Tonalist Beats California Chrome

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Tonalist defeats California Chrome in the 2014 Belmont Stakes


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  1. Hey I dont want to start, but the lead horse in white Commissioner, why is the jockey early in the race looking back to see where CC is then the 4 horses man i did not id them but they all vere right around that CC and block him in against the rail, listen the Belmont use to be about greatness, 77,78,74 everybody knows the stories, but in 2004 and now this year 2014 when a very good horse inCC had a chance to win the Triple Crown and in 04 when an even better Smarty Jones was in the same spot there was some serious questionable tactics in Elmont New York. People should be stopping this.

  2. Just so all you neophytes know, Tonalist ran in and won the Peter Pan one week AFTER the Kentucky Derby was run. So he was coming in after a 4 week layoff as opposed to a 3 week layoff for CC. He didn't hace CC's work load but no one was complaining about Samrrat or Commanding Curve either.And before anyone starts spouting off about CC's heavy race loads before the Kentucky Derby ask yourself: why was he run so much? Probably because a certain crybaby owner wanted it that way. Tonalist was a legitimate winner by one of the best trainers and the top jock.
    And watching the race one can see CC didn't get a PERFECT trip. Commisoner and  Wicked Strong put him on the rail before the first turn. No complaining about Commisoner's tactics since he finished second; well run race by him and JC. And anyone with the slightest bit of understanding knew both Wicked Strong and Medal Count were gonna be closer to the lead with both of their 2 bullet works. CC's biggest problem was drawing the #2 hole. No shame for CC but there should be no complaining either.

  3. CC ran with heart and courage.  You can see just when he is moving on the outside he begins to limp….and slows just slightly.  Ohhh that cut foot.  If only he was not clipped by Matterhorn at the Gate.  We may have had a TC winner!

  4. I remember Affirmed and Alydar battling all 3 TC races in '78. Are there knowledgeable people who know if this practice of skipping any of the first two TC races was prevalent back then? I say Mr. Coburn has every right to be pissed. And what makes anyone think that maybe even the great Secretariat may not have prevailed against fresh horses. That's what I'm wondering, did the past TC champions have this practice to deal with? I'm doubting it very strongly.

  5. If California Chrome had the same rest the others had, and the race was based more on the ability of the horse, I think this would have been a triple crown. Probably would have had a lot more of them in years past as well. I understand your point, but I cannot agree that this horse is not the same caliber as past winners. I have seen him up close and he is incredible. He did just what I expected at Kentucky and might have done the same thing at Belmont if given a little bit more rest. The sad part about is that the horses seemed to be on more of an even playing field concerning rest up until the 70s, and that is why we have not seen a triple crown since. But respectfully, I cannot say this horse is not as immortal as horses past.

  6. I totally agree. Thank you for being open minded. How can anyone observe any true competition when one contender is tired and the other is not? They put these triple crown contenders at an unfair disadvantage. I know Coburn was angry, but California Chrome is an incredible horse. After watching him destroy the field at the Kentucky Derby, seeing his will and demeanor, I paid attention to the everyday life of this gorgeous animal and he is an absolute stud. It seems like triple crown contenders are set up to fail and we do not get to see a fair race based on the true ability of the horses. I do not even think the extra quarter mile was a factor here. It also seems like the horses, up until the 70s, had a little more even rest cycle coming into Belmont. It kind of hurt watching an animal this strong be denied knowing he had it in him.

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