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Brexit performed: Britain seprates from EU after 47 years – jj

Brexit performed: Britain seprates from EU after 47 years


Britain has broken a 47-year-old alliance with the European Union. The British government announced its separation from the European Union on 31 January. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed Brexit and stated that Britain was now officially separated from the European Union. He said, 'Tonight we separated from the European Union and for Britain it is a historic moment. He said that this would highlight the potential of the whole of Britain. At the same time, France said that this is a 'historic warning sign' for Britain.

After nearly 4 years of pullout, the EU Parliament ratified the Brexit agreement by a majority of 621 votes against 49. Let us tell you that Britain will remain in the EU's economic system until the end of 2020, but it will not interfere in policy matters. He will also not be a member of the EU.

What is the whole issue

The European Union is an organization of 28 countries. People of these 28 countries can come and work in any country among themselves. Because of this, these countries can do free trade among themselves. Britain joined the EU in 1973 and will now be the first country to exit. Breguit means Britain's separation from the European Union. That is, UK exit. The EU has its own currency Euro, 19 member countries use it.

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Public voting in 2016
In Britain, on 23 June 2016, the general public was asked through voting whether Britain should remain in the EU, at which time 52 per cent of the votes were received to leave the EU. 48 percent of the people advocated to remain in the EU. Briggate supporters say that decisions related to the country should be made in the country itself. After this there was a long debate, and now finally the EU Parliament gave its approval to the Breguit Agreement.

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