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Débora e Léia – Porto Seguro 2001/2002 – jj

Débora e Léia – Porto Seguro 2001/2002

Music from the CD 'PERTINHO DO PAI', released by VOZ DA LIBERTAÇÃO between 2001/2001!

I've been looking for you my friend
But you have avoided me. What's up with you?
I know you have suffered and you are hurt
But for whatever comes and goes, count on me.

I reach out to you at any time
I remain a friend in pain or suffering
I am the one who expresses the meaning of the real friend
Whether up or down in life, I will always be with you.

When the doors of life close for you
When supposed to leave you
The day the mother herself denies you shelter
I want you to know, friend: I'll be with you

I know that sometimes you feel kind of abandoned
Reliving joys and glories that belong to the past
The past is gone and the present wants to change its future
The gift is the friend Jesus, your Safe Harbor.


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