EZ-Cowl guide swimming pool security cowl, DIY set up

The EZ-Cover by Aquamatic Pool Cover Systems is the worlds only single user manual swimming pool and spa safety cover that can be opened and closed by one person, in one comfortable standing position without having to pull ropes or manhandle cranks like all other covers. The EZ-Cover is also the only manual cover that can be installed in all of the same installation applications as an automatic swimming pool cover. The EZ-Cover also exceeds ASTM F1346-91 standards for safety and closure to meet pool barrier guidelines. The EZ-Cover can be opened or closed in about 50 to 80 seconds on most average sized pools, and is supported by a lifetime limited warranty on the drive unit. This DIY (do-it-yourself) package is ideal for the family that wants swimming pool safety while keeping your pool clean and warm.


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  1. Interesting product, I'm in Ohio and need one for my pool. Unfortunately, after four weeks of inquiries, I can confirm that the company does not respond to emails, inquiries sent via their website, facebook messages, or phone calls. Maybe they only sell in California.

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