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Learning English is easy ( part 2 ) – jj

Learning English is easy ( part 2 )

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Module and syllabus of Conversation Class
9 years ago
Syllabus Design of Conversation Class

Conversation Module of SMA Muhammadiyah 1 Karanganyar



(Sample of the content of the Conversation Module)

How to know Others

Do you like to make a friend? Or do you like to have a lot of friends? Then you should know how to introduce yourself in various situations.

What you should do

Formal Greeting:

Good morning
Good afternoon
Good evening
Common Greeting:

Good day!
How di!
Formal Introduction

My name is Elizabeth
My name is Richard Hamilton. What’s your name?
I am Australian.
I live in Canberra.
Common introduction

I’m Elizabeth. Call me Liz!
Hi, I’m Richard!
I’m from Australia
How do you do?
It’s nice to meet you
I’m happy to meet you
I’m glad to meet you
It’s pleased to meet you
To make good impression in the first meeting, it is better to say something to show that we want to meet him/her again. We can say:

ü Good bye

ü Good night

ü See you later

ü See you soon

ü See you tomorrow

ü Good luck

ü Keep in touch

ü Take care

ü I’m looking forward to seeing you

ü Cheerio

ü Have a good time

ü Etc…

Read The two examples below!

Example 1

Elizabeth : Hello! I’m Elizabeth Mandel

Chuck : Hi! My name is Charles Chang. But please call me Chuck.

Elizabeth : Nice to meet you Chuck. You can call me Liz.

Chuck : Ok. And what’s your last name again?

Elizabeth : Mandel

Chuck : Nice to meet you too Liz

Example 2

Mr. Campbell : Good morning I’m John Campbell.

Mrs. Edward : Good morning I’m Lucy Edward

Mr. Campbell : How do you do Mrs. Edward?

Mrs. Edward : How do you do Mr. Campbell?

Task 1

Find the differences between them and discuss it with your teacher!

Task 2

Discuss about “Addressing system in English”

The use of Mr,Mrs,Miss and Ms!

Task 3

Play Role Play

Make a group with your friends then practice these situations:

You go to the bookstore. Incidentally, you have a crash with someone, then you make a friend.
You are in the new class. You make a friend with a new student
You are in your friend’s birthday party. You are interested to make new friends in the party.
You are a delegation from your school to visit the youth organization meeting. You get many new friends, and you are interested to have new friends.
You go to your friend’s home. You introduce yourself to your friend’s parents.
Personal Identification

If you go abroad or you need to have some important documents ( ID card, Driver License, Passport, Credit Card, Insurance Card, etc) you will have to give your personal identity.


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