Scott Morrison guidelines out particular remedy for Tamil household

Prime Minister Scott Morrison any special treatment for Tamil family currently in immigration detention, despite the intense public interest in the case.


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  1. As this family are Tamils, surely it would have been logical for them to seek refuge in India, in Tamil Nadu to be exact – just across the Tamil Straits from Sri Lanka. The downside would have been that there are no freebies to be had in India

  2. It’s Time for the cabinet ministers of the elected government to have the power to overrule the high courts ,,, these useless high court challenges by minority groups are costing hard working blue collar taxpayers a fortune in legal bureaucracy that only public servants benefit from … the disdain for taxpayers money by time wasting public servants is beyond belief . The top of the list of public money wasters are the judges and lawyers .

  3. i am on the left but support the decision of deporting the family like it or not this is the law…sorry about the children but the parents should think before came to Australia….about the rest of news…economy is in the dumpster not understand how people are so blind to vote for LIB and ALP both parties have no basic economy knowledge…

  4. The Tamil family certainly don't mind the money that has been spent in court proceedings to allow them to stay. If it was broken down, I wonder just how much money it has been for 8 hearings? People tend to forget that they pay for these hearings, and all that goes into each one, all the people who are paid to fact check, or even the services used to file court filings. It's expensive.
    I know that I would never travel to another country and enter illegally, then make all my neighbors pay for a bunch of court hearings if II loved and appreciated the country.

  5. Barnaby Joyce lost all credibility years ago when he assisted John Howard to drive a nail into his own coffin, by voting FOR work choices. Now he wants a labor / leftist policy to support these queue jumpers. Once the economic migrants see the cracks in our border security – they will finger the hell out of those cracks to make them chasms for a FLOOD of boat people to follow. Ray Hadley – get your boat 'horn' sound effect ready… and us taxpayers get ready for the next wave of tax increases to pay for our new delicate arrivals. I'd like to see a random report on 'refugees' to explain why they have better housing than our pensioners, better cars than out workers and better rights than us.

  6. Support Morrison's decision !Mass immigration is a nightmare, no body wants!
    Stand firm, Morrision!!! I am a Christian, I believe being a PM, one needs to be able to learn from pass experiences with boat refugees, and be extremely cautious not to ignite the same nightmare again. Well done, Morrision!

  7. I'm afraid it's too late for Australia to recover from the influx of undeserved, 3rd world, unskilled,uneducated,beasts that have been given the right to migrate there…
    The worst are the Africans and Muslims…They will continue to be a problem from now on..Stupid idiots who can't fix their own countries because they're too lazy, shouldn't be given citizenship to another country! They should stay in Africa and starve themselves out due to laziness and stupidity

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