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Watch LIVE: Impeachment Trial of President Donald Trump day six – ABC Information Reside Protection – jj

Watch LIVE: Impeachment Trial of President Donald Trump day six – ABC Information Reside Protection

#ImpeachmentTrial #TrumpImpeachment #SenateImpeachmentTrial #ABCNews

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  2. GOD show mercy for those against the chosen ones. Yes president trump GODS chose hem to be. A best president in America.years pass to years to come.that is for good.democratics will not win a election for many years to come .in fact .president trump is trying to be true on his words wen speech’s so his heart ❤️ are the best interest for the America finish the corruption from Democratic Party for years to coming.GOD bless trump and America should follow the president ideas.so I’m convinced .he will…. be all ways the best in all times nothing can stop 🛑 hem to do so. Bible speaking about it.2020 will be trump again…no buddy can change that

  3. The GOP Senate is corrupt. The proof will be when the GOP Senate acquits trump. The un-American gop says calling up witness will take to long. So what. You get paid tax dollars to do your job. It should take as much time as needed. We have a un-American Benedict Donald. Vote the GOP Senators out!!

    You already have un-American gop Senators pushing Russian propaganda by lying about Biden. Then last night the un-American GOP lawyers pushed for Russian type election government in the USA. Saying that America is basically run by a King. Say that to the soldiers/Americans that fought in past wars. That fought in the Revolutionary War against having a King.

  4. Trump supported Mitt Romney for his election but Mitt choked and lost. Romney is jealous that Trump won the 2016 election and had surpassed him BIGLY. So Mitt’s pride had been hurt and he is out to get Trump.

  5. You know, Biden is not on trial here. This is so low and defamatory. I hope he sues.
    Shogun was a Russian backed corrupt prosecutor. He was removed by consensus and under pressure from the international community. The full picture requires knowledge of Ukrainian history, not the Bidens.
    Why did you not pursue this question at the time, in your Congress? Because Trump wasn't running against Biden in an election.

  6. Bolton. Bolton people. The Americans and the entire planet owe Trump a thank you for getting rid of him. Do you idiots want perpetual war like Bolton does? Democrats are looking like fools to the rest of the world. Embarrassing.

  7. I'm over this shi*show already. It's like the pot calling the kettle black. Both parties have their shortcomings and need to be purged. Term limits and take the money out of politics. The system is broken. They don't work for us anymore, it's all a power and money grab for a lot of these politicians. What bothers me the most is that Trump has made it worse. IMO, he is an immoral, serial liar, overt narcissist that would throw his own family under the busy if it suited him.

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