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WHO declared world emergency | Corona Virus declared world emergency, 213 deaths in China thus far | Hindi information, world – jj

WHO declared world emergency | Corona Virus declared world emergency, 213 deaths in China thus far | Hindi information, world


new Delhi: The World Health Organization – World Health Organization (WHO) has declared Global Emergency in view of the infection of Corona Virus across the world. With this, now work will be done together to fight this virus all over the world and to prevent its infection, vaccines will be prepared on a global scale.

More than 10,000 people have been infected
The WHO has officially confirmed that so far around 10,000 people have been infected all over the world due to the corona virus originating from China. Apart from this, 213 people have died in China only due to this epidemic. The WHO is engaged in the preparation of vaccines as soon as possible to fight this terrible virus. But so far no vaccine has been prepared in any lab to fight this virus.

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The infection has spread to 18 countries
According to media reports, so far, except for China, cases of corona virus infection have been reported from about 18 countries all over the world. A total of 98 cases of infection have been found in such travelers who have recently returned from traveling to China. WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebresus said that it is our main goal to stop the infection of this virus. But at the same time the main challenge is to eliminate it before spreading to the poor sections. Let us tell you that the WHO was initially underestimating the infection of this virus. But in view of the increasing cases and the continuous deaths, the infection of this virus has to be declared a global emergency.

Why is the whole world worried about corona virus
An expert in the infection case says that it is bound to be concerned with the Chinese-born Corona virus. China also did not give the correct information about the SARS virus to the whole world. SARS was spreading rapidly throughout China and civilians were dying of infection. Despite this, Chinese authorities had reported very few cases of this by hiding accurate information from international organizations. Due to this mistake, the danger could not be estimated accurately and thousands of people were infected with SARS virus in 17 countries. Due to hiding information, vaccines could not be made to fight SARS at the right time.

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