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100% Safe Project | Supported Scaffolding (Full Version) – jj

100% Safe Project | Supported Scaffolding (Full Version)

Building, demolishing, painting, cleaning, maintaining or repairing are simply supported scaffolding jobs. As always, care must be taken to avoid accidents.

The project must be done by a qualified professional, taking into account the weight to be supported. You must have a record with calculation memory, technical specifications, ART and sketches. Only trained personnel can carry out the assembly, with authorization and analysis from those who requested the service.

With the papers properly organized, work can begin. The scaffold needs protection and signaling of the area around it and all the material used. The insulation distance should be 1.20 m for every two meters in height. If this is not possible, seek supervision or the site safety technician.
Signaling is essential to prevent accidents: red sign during the assembly and disassembly phase, green sign after completion and inspection. Before that, make the checklist between the assembler and the service requester.


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