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Arbella Car Insurance: Is It Right For You?


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Finding the right auto insurance provider is a difficult task – choosing the wrong provider can end up being a costly mistake that leaves you with unfulfilled claims and lots of frustration. If you live in Massachusetts or Connecticut, you may be considering purchasing a car insurance policy from Arbella, a local company that primarily serves these two states. 

To help you find the right provider for you, we’ve put together a guide to the best auto insurance providers in the U.S. If you haven’t already, make sure you give it a read through. 

In this article, we’re going to zoom in on Arbella auto insurance and give you the lowdown on its reputation, trustworthiness, financial strength, customer service, quotes and claims process, and more.

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About Arbella

Arbella is a small, local insurance company that provides a number of insurance coverages for homes, cars, motorcycles, businesses and more. Founded in 1988 in Quincy, Massachusetts, Arbella prides itself on its high-quality, personalized customer experience for motorists in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Highlights Of Arbella Auto Insurance

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, here’s a quick overview of the pros and cons of Arbella car insurance. 

  • Local focus: Arbella only covers drivers from Massachusetts and Connecticut, which means it understands the needs of drivers in these two states and provides specific coverage options to meet them. Motorists who prefer working with local businesses will also prefer Arbella over a large, nationwide corporation.
  • Good range of coverage options: Arbella offers more than just standard auto insurance. Motorists will appreciate being able to purchase additional coverage such as snowplow endorsement, pet insurance, gap insurance, and more.
  • Work with independent insurance agents: To get a quote, you’ll speak with local, independent insurance agents. This adds a nice personal touch that you can’t get from an online quote process. 
  • Good customer satisfaction rating: According to the NAIC, Arbella has the median number of complaints for an insurer of its size. 
  • No online quotes: While the personal touch of speaking with an agent may be appealing to some, many will miss the convenience of being able to get a quote online. 
  • Limited availability: Arbella only covers Massachusetts and Connecticut – not even all of New England.
  • Less-than-ideal financial strength rating: AM Best rated Arbella’s financial strength at an A-. While it’s not a bad rating by any means, most of our recommended providers have an A++ rating. 

Arbella Car Insurance Coverage Options

Arbella offers standard car insurance coverage as well as a few additional options. According to its website, Arbella offers:

  • Coverage for losses that cause bodily injury or property damage to third parties (liability coverage)
  • Personal injury protection for all car occupants on a no-fault basis 
  • Coverage for physical damage to your car due to a collision, theft, or vandalism

In addition to these standard coverages, customers can purchase:

  • Auto Loan/Lease Gap Endorsement: This covers the difference between your vehicle’s actual cash value and the amount you owe if your vehicle is totaled in an accident.
  • Customer Care Package: Qualifying customers will receive enhancements like new vehicle replacement coverage, enhanced substitute transportation coverage, and enhanced towing and labor, among others perks

Arbella also offers the following options only to motorists in Massachusetts.

  • Disappearing Deductible Rewards Plus: Lowers your deductible for years without any at-fault accidents.
  • Accident Forgiveness: Waives the surcharge for any accidents you have while covered by this policy. 
  • Pet Protection: Covers up to $500 in veterinarian fees if your cat or dog is injured in a car accident. 
  • Personal Property Package: Covers damage to personal items that were in your car during an accident. Different items have different coverage limits.
  • Snowplow Endorsement: After a $200 deductible, this plan covers you for losses related to snowplows installed in or upon your vehicle. 

Connecticut motorists have access to this state exclusive:

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts (OEM): Allows damage from a covered claim to be replaced with original manufacturer parts. 

Getting A Quote

Unlike most modern insurance companies, Arbella doesn’t have a way for prospective customers to get quotes online. Instead, anyone interested in Arbella’s car insurance offerings must enter their zip code on its website to be connected with a local independent agent who can then provide a quote.

Alternatively, interested motorists can call Arbella. 

Filing A Claim

While Arbella doesn’t offer online quotes, filing claims is a different story. With Arbella, motorists can file claims both online and via phone. If you need to check up on your claim, you can do so by calling or sending an inquiry online.

Arbella Customer Service

As we mentioned earlier, Arbella has superior customer service. According to the NAIC, Arbella received fewer than the median number of complaints for insurance companies of its size, and that’s not something to sneeze at. 

Unfortunately, Arbella didn’t score very well on Yelp, receiving only 1.5 stars out of 5 based on 85 reviews. However, it’s important to note that customers usually don’t deal with their insurance companies unless an accident occurs, so most people writing reviews are stressed out to some degree. Across the board, we’ve seen very low customer ratings for insurance companies, the highest being somewhere around 2.5/5 stars. 

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gave Arbella an A+, and the company has been accredited since 2009, but it currently has just over one star for customer reviews.

Our Verdict: Arbella Auto Insurance 

For motorists who want an insurance experience that’s catered to their state and enjoy talking to their insurance agent over managing their policy online, Arbella is a fine choice for car insurance coverage. There’s a plentiful number of discounts and coverage options, and Arbella has good customer satisfaction ratings. However, Arbella’s financial strength rating is a bit lower than we’d like, and the company doesn’t provide the same convenience in getting quotes or managing your policy as other insurance providers. 

We recommend shopping around and getting quotes from at least three providers. Use the form to see what’s available in your area and get a quote.


Compare Policies

We recommend shopping around and getting quotes from at least three providers. Use the form to see what’s available in your area and get a quote.

Other Providers To Consider

If Arbella auto insurance doesn’t float your boat, take a look at these providers to see if something fits the bill for you. 

Active military members, veterans, and their families will appreciate USAA’s auto insurance for its fantastic rates, great customer service, and good coverage options. 

Reputation And Financial Strength

USAA has been in business since 1922 and over the past century, the company has built a name for itself as a leading force in the insurance industry. USAA has received an A++ financial strength rating from AM Best, so it should have no issues fulfilling claims. 

Customer Service

USAA received the highest rating, 5/5, of all the providers we reviewed on J.D. Power’s 2019 Auto Claims Satisfaction Survey. The majority of insurance companies that we reviewed only received a 3/5 rating. 

Our Verdict

USAA is one of the best and most affordable insurance providers in the U.S., but most Americans won’t be able to enjoy coverage from USAA because they’re offered exclusively to military members, veterans, and families. If you are lucky enough to be eligible for USAA coverage, it should go on the top of your list. 

State Farm has the largest market share of the U.S. insurance market out of all the providers we reviewed, and its rates are second only to USAA’s. 

Reputation And Financial Strength

Just like USAA, State Farm was founded in 1922. Since then, the provider has enjoyed a reputation as one of the leading auto insurance providers in the U.S. With an A++ financial strength rating from AM Best, motorists should feel safe purchasing insurance from State Farm.

Customer Service

State Farm’s customer service is about average. Like USAA, it received fewer than the median number of complaints for an insurance company of its size. 

Our Verdict

State Farm is an insurance company with a long and good reputation behind itself. The provider’s reasonable premiums and added perks make it a good choice for all motorists. 

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