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How it began – Historical past of Darkish Subject Microcopy – jj

How it began – Historical past of Darkish Subject Microcopy

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A brief explanation of Chinese Microscopy:

Chinese Microscopy is a method of analysis that allows visualization of live blood in real time. It allows the understanding of the disharmonies of the Biological Terrain and provides conditions to correlate with the energy syndromes studied by Chinese Medicine, observed in the language.
In just a drop of blood we can see the universe that inhabits us !. The health professional qualified with this technique does NOT perform Diagnosis, but will make a Diagnosis observing what is happening in the biological terrain of their patients. The treatment of disharmonies is totally natural using Nutraceuticals, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Chinese Diet Therapy, Western Herbal Medicine in a synergistic and integrative way.

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Integration of Western Medicine with Oriental Medicine (Focused on Health)
1-) Physiology of blood and its formation, main organs
2-) Circulatory system:
-Anatomy of large and small vessels,
-The importance of microcirculation in maintaining health
-Lymphatic system and its importance
3-) Blood components
-Erythrocytes or erythrocytes (red cells)
-Blood plasma
4-) The 3 main characteristics of blood when there is health:
correct morphology, clean plasma, active leukocytes.
5-) Blood pathologies (photos and videos)
Changes in erythrocyte morphology
Immobile leukocytes
Changes in blood plasma (fibrin, fungi, bacteria,
endobionts, crystals, simplastas).
6-) Physiology of Xue (blood) according to Traditional Medicine
Chinese (TCM) and the Five Elements.
7-) Pathology of Xue (blood) according to TCM and the Five
😎 Dark Field Microscopy Günther Enderlein method
Main theses
Identification and description of the structures displayed.
9-) The dark field microscope
Parts and functions
10-) How to prepare the slide
11-) Blood collection
12-) How to get the perfect image
13-) Real clinical cases
14-) Integrative Natural Therapy: Chinese Phytotherapy, Phytotherapy
Western, Nutraceuticals and Chinese Dietotherapy.
15-) Autonomic nervous system harmonization and diagnosis system (RYODORAKU METHOD

1-) 60 days of free consultancy after the course, leaving the student able and safe to use the technique.
2-) Real photos and videos, commented.
3-) Natural treatment vade-mecum (Chinese, Western Phytotherapy, Nutraceuticals, Orthomolecular).
4-) Nutritional guidance through Chinese Dietotherapy, for the treatment of energy syndromes.
5-) System for diagnosis and harmonization of the autonomic nervous system (RYODORAKU METHOD)



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  1. Boa noite dr Sergio o senhor já viu falar do microscópio optico de Dr Rife na década 20 do século XX? Ele conseguiu aumentar em 20 mil vezes onde viu o vírus da tuberculose 300 nanometro e o vírus do câncer com 10 nanometro ele através de um microscópio optico com várias lentes sobre posta descobriu que certas freguencia matava os vírus. Só que nesta época a indústria fármaco estava fazendo os antibiotico químicos e os Rockefeller estáva financiando os laboratórios e hospitais .

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