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How To Continuation Guess Flops (Superior C-Betting) | SplitSuit – jj

How To Continuation Guess Flops (Superior C-Betting) | SplitSuit

“C-Betting Like A Champion” full video download and extras at: http://www.thepokerbank.com/videos/splitsuit/cbetting/

A concept video dedicated to one of the most common plays in Texas Hold’em; the continuation bet (cbet, c-bet).

This cbetting strategy video begins with a quick explanation of the c-bet and a discussion on how the cbet has evolved in online poker since 2007. Cbetting is no longer profitable by default, which means that understanding when (and when not) to cbet has become far more important than it once was.

To help you gain a better understanding of cbetting, SplitSuit starts by focusing on determining whether you’re either:

1.Cbetting for value.
2.Cbetting as a bluff.

Both of these classes for cbetting are then expanded upon in their own sections, each including multiple hand history examples to help reinforce the strategical differences between the two.

There is also a meaty section on the Flopzilla tool (starting at 13:52), which is perfect for gaining an insight in to how often different ranges hit different kinds of flops. It’s an invaluable program for helping with your cbet strategy. If you like the work with Flopzilla in this vid and want to see some more, watch Using Flopzilla (or you can find another 9 minutes with it in Split’s Combos concept video starting at 21:24).

Recorded: 03 August 2011 …


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  1. Om the K 8 3 flop,I must be an idiot fish cause i would def call a cbet there with jacks,nines,8x.According to equliab an 8x on that flop is 56% v a CO range,Thats before a bet though,the cbet range will be lower of course but there are planty bluffs in his cbet range here i think

  2. What kind of Kx is in SB range? we block KQ and AK 3bets pre, does he call from SB with KJ? maybe, since you checked back he could pretty much rule out Kx in your range and be v-betting a tone of worse hand than Kx here, any 8, 77 etc

  3. I play with someone who always C bets a wide range. Will check the turn if doesn't improve. Fires 3 with any ace improved or not. I should be exploiting that frequency  but I miss a lot of those flops and don't make a stand. When should I?

  4. You may have answered this in the video, but I don't remember you showing the Open ranges and how they compare to the Cold calling ranges. Are the open ranges just the top X percent of hands? For example, what does a 10% OR look like. I would say that it is 55+ AJo+ KJs+ KQo, QJs, and JTs. Is this correct? my logic is that you have to include hands that would three bet rather than cold call.

  5. This is a fantastic video for someone like me, really demonstrates how i should be thinking more deeply about my opponents and my own ranges when deciding whether to bluff or call a bet, particularly with your flush draw example. It's just something that doesn't even cross my mind but is so important! Cheers James!

  6. Outstanding tutorials and an excellent teaching style. Fantastic for a competent player who wants to consolidate basics and develop intermediate/advanced elements. If I ever hired a coach, it would be this guy!

  7. awesome video man, all of the content new and old has been excellent. I still fall back into some old habits while playing from time to time, which is going to happen, but these concepts are really starting to click. thanks SS

  8. Hi, The Poker Bank! Guys, I really like your videos, IMHO TPB is the most comprehensive poker strategy channel on Youtube! You answered questions about tricky spots that I had and really improved my way of thinking inside and outside the game. Thank you, guys. Oy, wait, before you give yourself pat on the back it's "Without further ADO", not what James says. And at 37:07, really, "tooken"? I thought Turning Stone was in New York, not Alabama. Lol. Nah, I'm just f***ng around, it's all good, very good videos. Cheers!

  9. I use poker strategy it seems to be the same, I haven't used flopzilla but from what I see here it does the same. It is free! I didn't pay anything. So look for poker strategy and stick your $35 buck into your bankroll.

  10. 34:22 Why is the hero folding the QQs here…There are only 6 combos ahead of us given the line and board…Those are KJs and KTs…He might do this with Sets..But then those are 9 combos more (Assuming he binked the set on river…I am not counting set of 22s or KKs)..Total 15…There is no Straight or flush… And we need to be good only 31% of the time…There can be lot of bluffs here..AJ alone has 16 combos…We checked to induced…Then why are we folding the river on a harmless card?

  11. I don't comment a lot on YT Poker vids, but your video series in general James/Splitsuit is so, so good. Big thank you for uploading such good content for free on YT, really a lot of great content here for people that really care about improving. Keep up your great work mate.

  12. So I know this comment is a little late, but when looking at the cold calling ranges you gave, I can't help noticing there are a lot of suited connectors. Is this standard? Should I be opening up my calling range?

    Is there a good reason to call these hands we wouldn't raise with?

  13. I prefer a call on the river with QQ there.  The only hand he can really value bet is a king, while he can have all kinds of junk he decided to bet just because we checked back on a board we would almost always cbet

  14. Good videos. I do disagree with not betting in certain spots as a default. I think you should bet the river with A7s, because you checked the flop. I would only check it against a NIT. Not cbetting in postion with Qs on a King high board looks like a mistake to me. Do you check AQ as well on that board? And if you do. You fold your AQ on a bet on the turn? Tight can be right sometimes, but I think you loose a lot of value against a major part of the players.

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