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Life will be happier by setting priorities. Life will be happier by setting priorities – jj

Life will be happier by setting priorities. Life will be happier by setting priorities



lekhaka-gajendra sharma


Published: Saturday, February 1, 2020, 7:00 (IST)

new Delhi. The world has been created only for the attainment of happiness. In this sequence, the family system was born, so that human beings could live happily with their loved ones and enjoy life to the fullest. But in today's runaway life, the person is getting away from his family. People do not have time for their family, for themselves. A blind race and catastrophe has spread everywhere. Meet whom today, you get to hear that brother, there is no time, what to do?

Life will be happier by setting priorities

Brother, why is there no time? Time is the same for all. Everyone gets 24 hours a day. If someone manages a lot of work in this system, then one also has less time for his essential work. Why does this happen? It is a simple matter, it can be called lack of system or time management. The only way to overcome this deficiency is to set the priorities of life. This means giving more importance to those things in life, those things which are more essential for your life, your happiness. How can this be done, understand from this story-

The pebbles also got into that jar

once upon a time. The psychology professor came to class with him carrying some belongings. There was a jar of glass, some big stones, some small pebbles and sand in that stuff. Putting the jar on the table, Professor Sahib filled large stones in it and asked the students – did this jar get filled? Everyone replied in unison – Yes. After this Professor Sahab put pebbles in that jar. The pebbles also fit into that jar. Now once again he asked – Is the jar full? Once again the whole class replied – yes sir. After that, Sir filled the sand in that jar. The jar was now full. Now Professor Sahab explained that our life is also like this jar, friends. The essence of life is absorbed in today's experiment. Many people come to me complaining of lack of time. But children, time is the same for everyone and it cannot be increased or reduced. It is better to manage life according to time. How will this happen, understand with this experiment.

Family, spouse, health and children are the most important

The large stones filled in this jar are for the most important parts of our life i.e. our family, spouse, health and our children. Life is nothing without them, so they should be given the most time and importance. The pebbles in the jar are for other important aspects of life, including our jobs, our hobbies. They are also very important in life, but their changes do not end their life. Be it or not, change with time, but life goes on. Everything after it is like sand. If you have time for them, do it or else leave it. If you have arranged your life according to this jar, then believe, you will be able to make your life happy and enjoy it to the fullest.

You will also get mental peace…

Then you saw Professor Sahib has explained with ease how a difficult chapter of philosophy of life. You should also take this experiment in your life and you will find that all the problems of life have been removed. This will also give you mental peace and you will be able to enjoy life with a happy family.

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