Pakistani student in Wuhan shows how Indian students are being evacuated by their govt watch video | CoronaVirus: Pakistanis cry to see Indians going back home from China, heard Imran government


Beijing / New Delhi: Novell in China Coronavirus The number of people who died from it has reached 304. At the same time, the number of people infected has increased to 14,380. 647 Indians were brought to Delhi from Wuhan, China in 96 hours. 7 citizens of Maldives have also been brought. Seeing Indian students returning home, Pakistanis trapped in China are also pleading with their country's government. While the government of Pakistan has decided that it will not expel its citizens.

After this announcement, the Imran government of the country is facing severe criticism. When the Air India aircraft reached Wuhan to evacuate Indian students and citizens, the patience of the Pakistani students broke. An example of this can be seen by watching a video that is going viral on social media.

Learn something from india
In this video, a Pakistani student is saying, "" The people you see standing here are Indian students. This bus has been sent by their embassy (embassy). From a university in Wuhan, these students will be taken to the airport and from there they will be transported to their homes. The people of Bangladesh will also be brought home from here today. We are Pakistanis, who are stranded, whose government says that you stay alive or die, even if you get infected. We will not take you home nor provide any facility. Shame on you Pakistan, learn something from India about how it takes care of its citizens. "Http://"

Pakistani students and citizens stranded in China have recorded videos and posted on social media to call attention to the Imran government. They demand that PM Imran Khan should take immediate action.

Stop flights
Pakistan has decided not to bring its people from China when four of its citizens have been affected by the Corona virus in China. At the same time, taking caution, Pakistan has also banned all flights to and from China till February 2. Due to this also Pakistani citizens are trapped in China.

Pakistan took this decision
A senior officer said that Pakistan has taken this decision with a view to show solidarity with China. Dr. Zafar Mirza, Special Assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan, claims that Pakistan has decided not to expel its citizens from China only after implementing the WHO's suggestions.

Similar announcement of travel ban
Some countries have restricted the border of their country to those coming from China, so that the virus can be prevented from spreading. The US and Australia say that they will not allow any foreigner coming from China to enter the country. Other countries like New Zealand, Russia, Japan, Pakistan and Italy have also announced similar travel restrictions.

discharge from hospital
The National Health Commission said that the condition of 2,110 patients remains critical, while 19544 people are likely to be infected. At the same time, 328 people were discharged from the hospital after their health improved.

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