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Samsung Instantly Reveals Galaxy S20 Shock Launch [Updated] – jj

Samsung Instantly Reveals Galaxy S20 Shock Launch [Updated]


At this point, we know almost everything about the new Galaxy S20 range. But Samsung still had one surprise up its sleeve, until now.  02/01 performance update below

Samsung Galaxy S20: Everything We Know So Far [Updated]

Forbes Gordon Kelly

Giving up the last major Galaxy S20 secret is none other than Samsung itself after the company launched a pre-order site for priority purchases (spotted by Android Police). Sign up and Samsung promises delivery by March 6, a date which is surprising considering the phones will launch more than three weeks earlier on February 11.

Furthermore, if you’re at all interested in one of the Galaxy S20, S20+ or flagship S20 Ultra, you should sign up now because Samsung warns “supplies will be limited.” Samsung also promises a ‘limited time offer’ which leaks have revealed is pretty tempting. 

But should you pre-order? The range’s increased price tags (especially for 5G models) may cause some hesitation but, with everything we know, the 2020 range does look like one of Samsung’s biggest upgrades in years. The tent pole feature is a brand new camera system with super-high resolutions and up to 10x optical zoom, closely followed by a fast refresh rate display running at 120Hz (with some limitations) and big battery capacity increases. Samsung has also controversially (but I think correctly) flattened the display. 

01/31 Update: pricing leaks for the Galaxy S20 range have leaked for Europe (specifically Poland) with costs listed as follow:

  • Galaxy S20 – from €812 (coming in blue, pink, gray)
  • Galaxy S20+ and S20+ 5G – from €1,023 and €1,128 respectively (black, blue, gray)
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G – from €1,395 (black, gray)

While the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G price is undeniably eye-watering, it is also a massive phone and clearly not designed for everyone. The price of the Galaxy S20 does look appealing as it seems to be cheaper than the Galaxy S10, but the Galaxy S20 is actually the new name for the Galaxy S10e successor and the Galaxy S20+ will be the Galaxy S10 successor (yes, it’s a branding nightmare). What about the old Galaxy S10+? The size increase of the Galaxy S20 is meant to see it satisfy both Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ owners which means another price rise. Has Samsung gone too far? Only time will tell.

02/01 Update: GSMArena has spotted all three new Galaxy S20 models in Geekbench 5.1. The models – SM-G981 (Galaxy S20), SM-G986 (Galaxy S20+) and SM-G988 (Galaxy S20 Ultra) – are understood to be the 5G variants and use the Snapdragon 865 chipset used in the US rather than the Exynos-based models shipping elsewhere. The phones are roughly identical, hitting single-core scores of over 900 and multi-core scores of circa 3200. These are new highs for Android phones, but still play behind the A13 chipset in the iPhone 11 range which achives circa 1300 and 3300 for single and multi-core scores respectively.

With this in mind, I’d strongly suggest you avoid any plans to buy a Galaxy S10 or, to a lesser extent, a Note 10. Yes, there are some superb savings available at present and you can find top deals below, but there will be another substantial drop in Galaxy S10 prices once the Galaxy S20 line-up launches. If you can’t afford an S20 (and who can blame you) then the Galaxy S10 will be a bargain. 

Gordon’s Top Samsung Daily Deals:

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 or Note 10 – save up to $800 with AT&T  – membership wireless – Costco – shop deal now
  • Galaxy Note10 / Note10+ / Note10+ 5G – Up to £450 off when you trade in your old phone – Samsung.com – shop deal now
  • (Refurbished) Samsung Galaxy S10+ 128GB,  (U.S. Warranty) from $506 (save over $205) – Walmart – shop deal now

Price Alert: First Galaxy S20 Deal, As Galaxy S10, Note 10, TV Sales Hit New Price Lows [Updated]

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