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Sanitas Disabled Program – jj

Sanitas Disabled Program

The Disability Program is committed to creating tailored services for people with disabilities

The commitment to people with disabilities is reflected in the Sanitas Disability Program, which advances in new services and research on disability and health.

Sanitas bets on:

Design of customized products and services, such as:

Sanitas Down Syndrome, insurance specially developed to cover the daily medical needs of people with this disability.
Sanitas Medullary Injury, health care insurance expressly designed to cover people with disabilities due to spinal cord injury

Human capital:

Sanitas promotes the labor integration of people with disabilities. In 2008, Grupo Sanitas created direct employment for 98 people with disabilities.

Projects with other entities:

Sanitas is the official medical provider of the Spanish Paralympic Committee.

At La Moraleja Hospital, the medical monitoring of all the components of the Paralympic preselection is carried out in coordination with the coaches and managers of the Spanish Federations of Disabled Sports.


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