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Work in DKV. Greatest place to work 2012 – jj

Work in DKV. Greatest place to work 2012

Thanks to the fact that we have been in the top 10 places in the Best Place to Work ranking for three consecutive years, our employees explain to the camera their satisfaction, why they value us and how we do it so that DKV Seguros is a good company to work for .

"I greatly appreciate the flexibility of schedule I have to be with my children"
"All vacancies are offered to internal employees before … that's why I managed to move from Administration to Accounting and control management without problems"
My manager gives me confidence to develop my work "," I have very good relations with my colleagues "," I feel proud of the work I do "
"I can volunteer with DKV on social actions."
"We all try to have a close, face-to-face treatment, to cultivate trust, to feel valued and respected. DKV encourages participation, to express itself. That is the key to communication flowing in all directions."

Our value proposition, "Really interested in you" means that we are committed to you, as a professional and as a person. We care about helping you improve and facilitate your work, we are interested in knowing you and that you know us.

"We feel that in DKV they value and recognize us, that motivates us to work better and more lively."
We have different programs that help us develop, focused on achieving a better management and performance of our work, such as the "People Management Model" with coaching sessions, or interdepartmental training to learn how all the departments of the company work. It is for the sum of all these efforts, of our way of seeing and understanding the company, which is why we are recognized as one of the best companies to work for in Spain.

"DKV is made by all the people who work on it." "Every day we contribute to make our workplace a pleasant space in which we like to be." "This has allowed us to obtain numerous awards and recognitions."

DKV we are all.

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