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A Secure Harbor – Editora Novo Conceito – jj

A Secure Harbor – Editora Novo Conceito

Book: A Safe Harbor
Author: Nicholas Sparks

Synopsis: When a mysterious woman named Katie suddenly appears in the small town of Southport, North Carolina, questions are raised about her past. Beautiful but discreet, Katie seems to avoid formal personal ties until a series of events leads her to two reluctant friendships: one with Alex, the widower, with a wonderful heart and two young children, the other with her very frank neighbor, Jo. Despite being reserved, Katie begins to let her guard down slowly, taking root in this caring community and becoming too close to Alex and her family. However, when Katie begins to fall in love, she is faced with the dark secret that still haunts and frightens her: the past that terrified her and made her cross the country to reach Southport paradise. With Jo's sympathetic and insistent support, Katie realizes that she must choose between a life of temporary security and one with more risky rewards … and that, in the darkest moment, love is her only refuge.


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