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BornHack 2016 – Hanno Böck – American Fuzzy Loop and Address Sanitizer – jj

BornHack 2016 – Hanno Böck – American Fuzzy Loop and Address Sanitizer

We have powerful and easy to use tools that can vastly improve the quality and security of the code we use everyday.

Code written in C and C++ is often riddled with bugs in the memory management. Out of bounds accesses, use after free errors and other issues can hamper the security and stability of applications. Unfortunately many free software developers don’t use freely available tools that easily allow finding and eliminating many of these bugs. The talk will encourage developers to change that and integrate these tools into their development process.

Slides: https://www.int21.de/slides/bornhack2016-fuzzing/

Hanno Böck

Hanno Böck started the Fuzzing Project in 2014 as an effort to improve the security of free software code. In May the Linux Foundation’s Core Infrastructure Initiative decided to fund this work. He is also working as a freelance journalist and regularly writes about IT security issues for various publications. He is the author of the monthly Bulletproof TLS Newsletter.


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