Children born in February are more intelligent | Know in which month the children born are faster, what is typical


new Delhi: During a research, it has been found that children born in February are more intelligent and saddle tall. Children born in this month create their own special identity among people on the basis of their creativity. These people are also expert in quickly finding a solution to any problem. The research was conducted on 21,000 children for about seven years. According to research, less stress is seen in children born in February. Irritability is also less in them.

However, they soon take anything to heart. According to the researcher, people born in February are more confident in choosing the profession out of the box. Most of the people born in this month either become artists or prefer to serve in traffic police.

Researchers in New Zealand conducted this research on children between 4 and 5 years of age. It analyzed children's thoughts, temperament, extravagance, meditation and the art of making friends. During this time, children born in winter were found to be practically better.

Naturally born children are more intelligent
Earlier researchers from Yale University claimed in their new research that children born naturally are more intelligent than children born through operation. According to a report, when women give birth to a child in a natural way, the level of a particular protein is found very high in them which increases their intelligence in the development of children.

The study claimed that high levels of 'UCP2' protein in naturally born children is helpful in boosting their memory and is the most important element in increasing human 'IQ'. The results of this study were published in the journal PLOS One.

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