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Samsung Patents a Foldable Display Sensible Speaker Patent – jj

Samsung Patents a Foldable Display Sensible Speaker Patent


Samsung has not released a smart speaker to date. However, the company continues to develop in this area. The South Korean company has patented a smart speaker with a 360-degree screen around it.

Samsung continues to develop its technology and offer it to users in many different areas from smartphone to television. Smart speakers are at the top of the list of devices that the technology giant has not released to date. However, Samsung continues to work to exist in this area as well. A smart speaker patent that the company recently received is proof of the level of work in this area.

It turns out that Samsung has patented a Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS) for a new smart speaker. The patent application documents show a screen surrounding the speaker and a cylindrical speaker structure. The screen around the smart speaker can be opened with support arms when desired.

If Samsung really produces such a device, it will offer users a technology to be used as a smart speaker or smart screen depending on the need. When the touch screen is closed around the speaker, the device takes up the minimum possible space. When the screen is opened, a screen that can watch videos and do different things appears.

Samsung’s smart product combines smart speaker and smart display technologies. Of course, the fact that Samsung has patented such a technology does not mean that the product will be produced precisely.

South Korean technology giant Samsung announced the smart speaker named Galaxy Home in 2018 but did not offer it to the market. Samsung will take its first step in this field by launching the Galaxy Home Mini in South Korea on February 12.

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