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Video of BJP councilor dancing and consuming went viral, cleansing – I had no alcohol in my hand. Surat: Drunken-BJP councilor dance video goes to viral – jj

Video of BJP councilor dancing and consuming went viral, cleansing – I had no alcohol in my hand. Surat: Drunken-BJP councilor dance video goes to viral





Published: Monday, February 3, 2020, 19:35 (IST)

face. The video of BJP councilor Piyush Shiv Shaktiwala dancing in ward number-19 of Surat in Gujarat is going viral. The bottle of wine is seen in the video. But Councilor Piyush says that I did not drink alcohol. Rather, my bottle contained syrup.

Piyush further said in his clarification that, I have a liquor permit for 7 years. I use alcohol as a medicine. I did dance at that party, but did not drink alcohol.

Surat: Drunken-BJP councilor dance video goes to viral

Piyush Shiv Shaktiwala started posting questions about the viral video himself. He said that we do not even have the right to dance? Let me tell you, the response has been sought from the top brass of the BJP when their videos surfaced. A notice has also been sent to him. BJP president Nitinbhai Bhajiawala has said that he comes from the Khatri community. The tradition of drinking alcohol has been in his forefathers. However, Shiv Shaktiwala has done this despite being a responsible councilor, so we have asked him for an answer on this. If the notice is not answered, a unilateral action will be taken against them.

In the video, along with Piyush Shiv Shaktiwala, many other people are also seen drinking and drinking. A party was organized by the councilor of Surat in the Parsi Panchayat house in Nargole, this video is being told there. According to the reporter, the liquor party lasted from 2 January to 5 January. Piyush was accompanied by another 12 people in the same party.

Surat: Drunken-BJP councilor dance video goes to viral

Congress President Babu Raika said on the viral video that from the Woman's Wing of the Congress to the District Congress will also oppose his antics. In the past, no step has been taken by the BJP. If action is not taken against Piyushabhai, we will protest. It is known that liquor prohibition is implemented by the state government in Gujarat. Despite this, such cases are seen a lot.

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