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find money all the time
manifest a lot of money
people give you money
be a magnet for money
economic prosperity comes to your life
you always find money
your pocket is full of money
they always give you money
You attract a lot of jobs.
much luck in everything
you buy everything you want
dream home
you have money in piles
you have economic stability
Everything you want / want comes true
you have a lot of wealth
you are very healthy
find money wherever you go
money will never be needed
everyone gives you money
you find money
have money easily
desired job
you have more and more money
you are debt free
to be a millionaire
you manifest luck
everything you want is fulfilled
find money in all public places
attract unlimited money
financial peace
be happy with the life of luxury you have
enjoy all your money
luck with the money
know how to save
immune to spending on unnecessary things
excellent reputation
be tired
travel around the world
unexpected money
remove interested people from their lives
unlimited income
money in heaps
You enjoy the best economy.
fortune increases
good health
excellent economy in your country
quiet life
bag always with money
unlimited money cards
to buy everything you want
find money in your backpack
a lot of money magically appears in your backpack
you find money in your clothes
very good economic situation
debt free
attract wealth
All the money you spend is returned to you, but double
everyone gives you clothes
everything suits you
people around you give you clothes

immune to assaults
immune to making bad investments
immune to being poor

you manifest a luxurious life
you manifest desired home
manifest desired car
manifest material / aesthetic / desired things
manifest desired accessories
manifest wealth
you manifest beautiful things
manifest material things
manifest aesthetic things
manifest beautiful things
manifest beautiful clothes
you manifest everything you want
manifest desired cell
manifest desired clothing (detailed)
too expensive clothes

parents take care of you / want / protect you
parents get along
protected / happy / safe parents
trillion parents
parents can afford expensive luxuries
parents get well paid and insured work
parents love to work
parents have an easy job
parents have unlimited privileges
parents are released from all debts
parents live a luxurious life with me
parents use the money correctly
parents have a lot of money
parents work until their authorized hours
your parents give you money (optional)
parents free and immune to stress / fatigue
parents get great job opportunities
parents receive large increases in their jobs
everyone admires my parents and respect them
parents are less strict
parents are well financially
parents get an extremely high social status
parents are productive in their jobs
parents take care of their health
parents neglect the vices
parents have good mental health parents are valued in their jobs
parents immune to layoffs / fraud
fully wealthy parents
parents have a lot of money in their bank account
parents win the lottery
parents have successful jobs
fathers money magnets
parents buy you clothes
parents buy cars
parents have a successful business
parents are disease free
parents who have the money to travel
parents enjoy all their money
Immune parents to run out of money
parents have money to spare at the end of the month
parents feel relieved
parents have more confidence in themselves
parents show money when they need it
your parents' cards full of money
parents free of economic problems
parents get a job that pays them a good retirement
parents get the house of their dreams
parents reach all their big dreams

family always gives you money
family receives abundance and unlimited wealth
family together / healthy / loving / happy
family receives a lot of money
family gives you money
family accepts you
family is respectful
debt free family
family is freed from health problems / debts
family is free of any problem
family has positive thoughts
family immune to abuse / harassment
family enjoys a good economy
family has a good economic stability
the whole family have a very good relationship
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