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After the decision in the budget, you have a chance to earn big money in the next 55 days, know here- investors dividend bonanza Latest Investors could be i | Business – News in Hindi – jj

After the decision in the budget, you have a chance to earn big money in the next 55 days, know here- investors dividend bonanza Latest Investors could be i | Business – News in Hindi


new Delhi. There have been many decisions regarding tax in the budget. Which is having a direct impact on common people. One such decision has been made regarding dividend distribution tax. The government has proposed to remove the Dividend Distribution Tax on companies. Under the new decision, the investor will now pay the tax on the dividend. That's why experts believe that companies with a large stake in promoters can declare a thick dividend before April. Now the person receiving the dividend will have to pay tax on it. This will be considered as part of his income. In such a situation, many people may have to pay more tax than before. According to experts, many big dividends can be announced before the new budget proposal is implemented. In such a situation, investors can take advantage of large dividends as well as good returns in shares. Let us tell you that the budget proposals will be applicable from 1 April.

This has happened before- Let us tell you that under the amended section 80M of the Income Tax Act, the company giving the dividend can take exemption on the dividend received or distributed, whichever is less. After the presentation of the budget 2007-08, there was a competition to distribute dividend among the companies in March 2007. The then Finance Minister P Chidambaram had increased the DDT from 12.5 per cent to 15 per cent. Till 300 companies listed on BSE and NSE had announced to distribute the dividend.

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These stocks will get double profits!

There are many companies listed on the stock market that give more dividends to investors. These companies include Coal India, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation, Oil India, NMDC, REC, ONGC, MOIL, TCS, RIL. You can earn big profits by investing in the shares of these companies.What will change after 55 days?

Tax liability will increase after the budget proposal comes into force from 1 April. About 43 percent of their earnings from the dividend will have to be paid as tax. Now, investors do not have to pay any tax on the dividend up to Rs 10 lakh from domestic companies. After 10 lakh rupees, they have to pay tax at the rate of 10 percent. After the completion of DDT, investors will have to pay tax only on the basis of their tax slab.

Let us tell you that at present, companies have to pay DDT at the rate of 15 percent on the dividend payment to shareholders. Apart from this, there is surcharge and cess on it. This is in addition to the tax paid by the company on profits.

Asif Iqbal, head of research at Escort Security, says that dividend may be announced in March on behalf of companies with a higher promoter stake. In such a situation, there may be increased interest in companies with more cash in the near future.

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He informed that private units received a dividend of Rs 1,800 crore in the financial year 2018-19. Anil Agarwal of Vedanta had received a dividend of Rs 3,500 crore last year. Hero Motcorp gave a dividend of Rs 600 crore to the Munjala family.

This calculation has been done on the basis of dividend and promoters' share of the companies during the financial year 2018-19. However, analysts say that some companies are owned by holding companies and they will have to pay tax only if the holding company does not pay the dividend.

What is dividend yield? Dividend yield means that a stock is trading at Rs 100 and
If the company has announced a dividend of 6 rupees, then its dividend yield is 6 percent. The higher the dividend yield on a stock, the better the stock will be. Dividends are tax free cash payouts. If a company continuously pays dividend, it means that its business
Generating enough cache.

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