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Massive Pete Insane Leg Exercise Half 1 Health Program – jj

Massive Pete Insane Leg Exercise Half 1 Health Program

Big Pete Insane Leg Workout part 1 is the text book copy of how to squat with proper form.
Your Fitness level will go through the roof with this way of squating.

Peterson Charles CEO of bigpetetraining.com and the MONSTAH BRAND


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  1. Hey guys. Great vid clip.

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  3. I really like this movie. Youtube is fantastic for this kind of content.

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  4. @crownsteady360 no, slow twitch are for endurance. fast twitch (type 2) are for strenght and hypertrophy (size). There are two types of type II fibers, one is more for strenght, the other one is better for size and some endurance, but it will get you strong aswell. I'm not sure which one is witch though

  5. Soooo true. All these people talking shit. It's not like the title of his video is "I'm the strongest person in the world." He's just working out. And he has good form and is doing 315 pounds pretty easily. I totally agree with you.

  6. YouTube comments on lifting videos are the worst, bar none. Everyone wants to seem awesome, so they talk about how they can do more, or how they can do it better. Some of you (you kids that stay on youtube all day scoffing at workout videos) might actually be able to lift a decent amount if you didn't spend all day criticizing everyone else.

  7. I concur. I'd lose the wieght belt and knee supports as it causes other muscles to compensate. Most guys just use the belt give themselves a tighter looking waist on the gym floor. Cut your weight &slow down to a 6 second rep. 3 full seconds up three full seconds down. NO BOUNCING. You'll feel a burn like no other.