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Can corona virus unfold by touching Chinese language items? – jj

Can corona virus unfold by touching Chinese language items?


Corona virus

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After spreading the corona virus in many countries around the world, including China, the death toll has crossed 300.

At the same time, the number of people infected with this virus has exceeded 14 thousand.

The World Health Organization has declared this rapidly spreading virus a global crisis.

Initially, the victims of this virus died in China, but according to the information received last Sunday, one person has died in the Philippines as well.

In the midst of all this, questions related to this virus are flaring in the minds of people all over the world.

The BBC has tried to answer some such questions here.

Question 1 – Can touching the Chinese goods spread the corona virus?

Many people on the Internet have asked the question whether touching the exported goods from Wuhan or other parts of China that are vulnerable to this virus can spread this virus?

The answer to this question is that no such evidence has been revealed so far, on the basis of which it can be said that touching the goods coming from Wuhan or other infected areas can spread the virus.

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But in the year 2003, China faced the corona virus called SARS which killed more than 700 people worldwide.

In the case of SARS, it was found that if you touch something or where the virus has reached by sneezing or coughing the infected person, then you can get infected with that virus.

So far this matter has not been revealed in the case of this corona virus. But even if this virus is capable of doing so, then there will be a question whether international shipping will be a big problem.

Cold viruses survive outside the human body for 24 hours. However, the corona virus can remain alive outside the human body for several months.

But in the cases that have come so far, it has been seen that a person has to come in contact with an infected person to get infected with this virus.

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Question 2 – Why do China produce so many viruses?

The answer to this question is that a large population in China lives close to animals.

This corona virus has also reached humans from any animal. One suggestion says that this virus has come from snakes into humans. Another virus similar to this, SARS, also started in China and came from bats and civet cats.

The strings of early cases of this infection reach the sea-food wholesale market in southern China. Chickens, bats as well as snakes are also sold in these markets.

Question 3 – What corona Infection with virusCredit After health can be as before?

It is possible Many people infected with this virus have mild symptoms.

These include fever, cough and breathing difficulties.

Most people recover completely after getting out of this infection.

But this virus is very dangerous for older people and those already suffering from diseases like diabetes and cancer.

Along with this, it is also very dangerous for people with poor immunity.

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Question 4 – What is the incubation period and what is the incubation period of this virusThe

According to the World Health Organization, the incubation period of any virus is the time during which a person is infected with the virus. But its effect on her health is not visible.

At present, the incubation period of this virus is being reported between 2 to 10 days. But more information is needed for accurate assessment.

It is very important to understand the incubation period of any virus. Doctors and governments can prevent the spread of the virus with its help.

This means that if they know about this, then they can separate such people from the general population who are feared to be infected with the virus.

Question 5 – Is there a vaccine for this virus?The

Currently, there is no vaccine for this virus. But researchers are busy making vaccines for this virus.

This is a virus that has never been seen before in humans.

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The corona virus is increasing the concern of the whole world, originating from China.

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